Color Blind… Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

Color Blind…

Eyes color blind shut irritant to light,
egoistic visions blur the brain,
deter the mind from appreciating the virtues
in others, in the blessed environs

A disease diagnosed easily by wisdom minds
The symptoms of hurting sadistic deeds and words
Ere restoring brightness to shut out unopened eyes,
Cure Divine may enlighten darkened minds

09 01 2009

Jools E. 27 January 2009

Awesome Kesav! This is really deep and inspiring. Really enjoyed it! Jools

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Krishna Baalu 28 January 2009

very good one indeed! Krishna Baalu

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Sandra Martyres 28 January 2009

Deep thinking poetically expressed. Thanks for drawing my attention to this thought provoking poem...

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Raihana Abdul Jabbar 31 January 2009

amazing thought....nice...

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Muhammad Ali 02 February 2009

very effective. exellent. i want such thoughts more......

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 January 2010

‘…Cure Divine may enlighten darkened minds...’ Wonderful line Sir… Spectacles of delusion make us ‘pan-blind’…Wisdom [capital W] dispels it… Ms. Nivedita UK PS 10+++ for Cure Divine

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Raj Nandy 22 June 2009

A good thoughtful poem! After reading what is happening to our Indian students in Australia, a thought has occured in my mind, that may be if the world was colour blind, racial segregation would have been left behind! 10+ -Raj Nandy

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 June 2009

Colorblindness creeps in ones mind as a disability leading to catastrophic changes in life. Blurring of brain is an impairment that makes one more vulnerable and dependent. A disease well elaborated in poetic form. Regards Naseer

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Sameer Ahmed 07 June 2009

The exact phasic drift from normal vision towards colorblindness has been described with accuracy. Indeed colorblindness makes visual objects difficult to conceive for the brain never responds to the rays of colors.....a good description of the disease...

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Caterpillar MC 28 April 2009

'Cure Divine may enlighten darkened minds'....I hope so too...Once again, a short poem that eaves a strong impact on the reader

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