States Of Mind Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

States Of Mind

Rating: 4.9


I felt frustrated
As I saw you
Walking down the road
With the handsome man,
My best friend
Once upon a time.
I still feel the pain
When you ignored my love,
And walked away,
Holding his strong hand,
I don't know whether
You are my biggest enemy
Or is he the one!


I felt terrified
As I saw you
Clinging to my best friend,
Enveloping him
With your sadistic pleasures,
Making him move away
From my life
And leaving me alone
Crying in this darkness
Thus paining my soul,
And eating me up
Like an ugly devil.


I felt sad
When you did not feel
My words of passion,
My expressions of deepest love
Which were always there
Preserved in my heart
Only for you,
As you tore down the paper
Which depicted my blissful thoughts
Waiting to embrace you.


I felt happy,
When you walked out of my life
To open your doors
For a newer horizon
I felt contented,
And elated
As I realised then,
You will be merrier
Seeing a bright new expression
Than always glancing at my half burnt face
After that disastrous flame
Changed me into an ugly person.
But always will be happier,
Treasuring my love for you
In my heart, forever..

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri


How systematically have you dilated upon the phases of the paradoxical life involving one woman and more men! It is a forgone conclusion that as a wrathful lover your refinement is much more of a solace. A piece of special price indeed dear Bhaduri. I give a 10 for it

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Elena Sandu 07 November 2012

Well written you surely seem to know a lot about people's crisis how state of mind could go almost an instant from frustrating to terrify, how sadness give them time to clean the heart by tears to the only road that forgiveness have ever given the road to real love. A heart full of love that is the happy house...Great true write, thank you for share.

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Bibhakar Dutta 07 November 2012

good words..... you have written

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Prasanna Kumari 07 November 2012

that is how it is...the human situation and emotions well expressed...

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Philo Yan 09 November 2012

Your description of the emotional turmoil one has to go through when love is lost and especially when the one you had once loved then finds another new love before you do is spot on. And in the end by accepting her happiness, you let go of all the negative emotions so that you will be happy and free to love again of if not, move forward with your own life.

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Rendered in the perspective of a poet with gravity of matter truamatic to many. Well executed Mr Indrani.

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Sanjay Mehta 16 December 2012

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. Finding joy even in parting of one's beloved implies that only the positive aspects are being given priority, its great. An saying goes, If you don't know where you are going the road will take you there.

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Jessica Lee 16 December 2012

Everything is very well written and emotional, it all ties in very well C:

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Rishit Desai 30 November 2012

Emotions are well expressed.

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 29 November 2012

Well written..and well composed..very emotive and creative..

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