The Traffic Sheep~ Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

The Traffic Sheep~

Rating: 4.7

It can be in the roll of the dice - oh happy day! ! !
As in, perhaps, more than one address...
Anyway you look - it is a huge gamble...
When speaking of Pamela and this filthy mess;

Mending will not make your operation stable
Needle and thread only holds for just so long -
Weaving your way with more deception...
Is simply a repeat of all the old WRONGS;

Across the street from one another they are...
Yes, the cat's are still attempting to play
But the road simply get's much too narrow
When 'amoral beings' MUST have their way;

Conscience - oh, conscience where are you?
Goodness and mercy - have all but left this place
What once was a beautiful-clean neighborhood
Now has a really very dirty face;

How many more sheep will show up?
Mostly black sheep with very few white -
Looking for their BAGS & BAGS of addictive wool
All within everyone else's very keen sight;

The traffic - it get's pretty heavy - coming and going
Rebecca has complained more than twice
Will it be business as usual - Ms. Seamstress, Ms. Sadistic?
You know what your doing is illegal and not nice;

Oh, we simply love your cover story, Ms. England*****
Your paintings, drawings, photo's and words...
All legitimate showings everywhere and nowhere...
When in reality what your doing: Is for the bird's;

By, Theodora Onken

November 7,2013

*****Nursery Rhyme

In regards to your reference to the 'ether'
Hot air and all that oft' fills a few
I am here to let you know Ms. Artista
That the statement does pertain to you..
Waiting, you are, for a reaction from me?
On kisses, gold and such?
Or perhaps - responses from me, as usual...
At the very place where i keep in touch?
Yes, it's a mighty fine home that i share
With a peep or two in from a not so often voice
You know that statement on enemies & friends don't you?
Tell you, that i have had to make that choice...
They say always keep your friends close
But your enemies much closer than that!
Press delete? and erase all of your partners dirty feet?
No way, i am keeping track of all your rats! ! ! ! !

Around the world - from the UK -Wales to the USA - states...CA, OR, MN, NM, TX, NY, MA, CT, VA,
NC, and FL to name a few...

And let us not forget Elizabeth Baxter and Evelyn Walker
Pamela Sinicrope 10 May 2016

I can't say I really understand your poem. You captured my attention by your strking words, strong expression, and use of the name Pamela in the first stanza! :) So are you writing about artists? Or is that just their 'cover story? ' I'm so intrigued. Do write more! ;) I googled Elizabeth Baxter and Evelyn Walker....I got artists and murderers? ? ? I think this is really well written, but I'm too distracted by the mystery...maybe its just me! :)

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Patricia Grantham 20 December 2013

A very poignant write. You do have a way with words and phrases. Glad that I stopped by. Thanks.

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