I am a well.
Confined by a wall;
Restricted by a boundary;
Stagnated by it all.

I desire to be a river;
I desire to flow;
I desire to merge
With waters diverse.

As A Routine Feature

To convert the penalty corner
To a coveted goal with honor
Boundless drive and will
Need is to fill the bill!
We have men and women
With proven talent and acumen
What all we need
Is support indeed!
Political withiout politics
Societal without social ills

Blaming Poverty On The Poor

Give us your deprived, your malleable muddled masses
hoping for a gentler taskmaster
Welcome to the multi-trillion dollar industry, Poverty
A.K.A, cheapest labor force

Poverty works, never ever unemployed
A much needed commodity to justify
White-collar crime classes
Teaching dastardly deeds—to procure monetary needs-
fostering avarice greed


Humans were created
To be related
To stay united in families
And for the families to live
Harmoniously in communities
It happened systematically in the past
When dependence levels were high
And relationships were made to last
Now older people look back and sigh
For today things have changed

! Humanitarianism

Religion & Atheism are like the two sides of the coin,
Atheism preaches reason & rationale;
Belief & faith are the essence of religion of mine,
Both are adversaries having treasure of reason & morale;

World is in balance when they are in friendship;
when all preach & practice love and common sense,
Religion finds reason in the unquestioned worship;
Atheism is the strong reason of the people themselves;


Inspired by Mrs. Juan-Austin's precious and great poem
Knowledge 4, I just read:

Knowledge does not make us superior to others,
it must not make us proud,
on the contrary,
knowledge is in all societal layers,
the poor and the rich,
the healthy persons and the disabled,

You And I Will Suffer

You and I
Will suffer through terrible abuse
To our inner child,
Our spiritual psyche, our real self
If we fail to find release
From our own negative perceptions,
Unless we truly desire to escape from emotional prisons
Of self judgments, unrelenting
Critical eye of condemnation,
Corrupted by estimations of ourselves

The Bible As The Oldest Egalitarian Document In History

The bible, usually thought of in religious terms actually has far more dimensions other than the religious one. The bible in 'Lilith, ' as well as in the NOVA special on these topics, makes the point that the document was written over hundreds of years, was and is, the attempt to institute a radically new kind of society, one which had been previously unknown in the world.

Conflict over the bible's religious aspects has obscured, its, perhaps, greatest contribution to Western thought-if not to world history-ideas revolving around egalitarianism, freedom, justice, moral righteousness, social organization and the place of hierarchies in human society.


In metropolitan cities they say
It is easier to walk out on a bad marriage
Than to be rid of a bad neighbour
The former is resolved by separation or divorce
But the latter means running an unending rocky course
Since good apartments are difficult to find
We found ourselves in a dreadful bind
Everything we said was twisted around
Making us wonder if we were going unsound
Any simple act of neighbourly kindness

For Dear Vinhie

For Dear Vinhie
(to read to him)

along the Dutch meadows
there are no shadows

I feel the wind is strongest
the breeze is here hardest
their sounds are quietest

*love Goddess Ii

In dark convulsions of fire of love
The goddess blue in feminine moon
Eyes with sweet lust of life to live
Strange emblems on her neck worn
Sorcery of figure with breast open
The ultimate feme revenge dominant
In display the treasures arsenal alike
Bow the head she says with the anger
Man has written history and woman
In societal privation and stoical self


With Respects... for Roger Rodd

humankind's divide
creates rejection's rift
casts truth beside;
societal substance, life denied
fractures providence
consumes one's lifeline.
Resulting mean

Transition! !

Tadpole is piscine in appearance,
breathes by gills, tailed,
very actively swimming,
beautiful larva.
Metamorphosis transforms it
to an adult that
breathes by lungs,
tail less,


A long walk through this imaginable forest
of strong firmest regulations of passions
and inflections of inflictions of literary superlatives
I adore your artistic poetic additionals.

Wherever this revival ends,
though coldest atmospheres
and blurred skies,
there is always a home embraced with love,
care and assurance


Alone in the world of writs

I stand alone

To mockery because my shoes are worn,

My suit torn.

Anecdote: Art And Apples

True art, the activist declared, protests
societal wrongs, and militantly attests
a social vision—or remains mere artifice.
'Exactly, ' the painter said, 'protest like this'—
and held a still-life print above his head:
apples by Cézanne, sculpted yellow, red.

The zealot scoffed, snidely cried,
'Protest against what? '

Red-Red = Double - Red Rebel Is In Trouble! (Part-2)

</>Fighting is my Label,
I am a red rebel.........
I am in trouble and in double.
From here does my revolution spread.
As I wed blood and a rebellion dead.

I am dying spirit of my fellow comrades.
I am a lover of swords and Marx words.
I spill my blood in the dark deep woods;
Social change is my goal, I'm a tool.

Buttons Are So Gay

Everyone has an opinion
Consider your opinions like the buttons on your shirt
Each button representing an opinion you have in life
All buttoned, you are clothed in full knowledge of your view on world and life
But sometimes we leave a button out, because an idea is suffocating us
Sometimes we need more buttons because society believes we deserve extra recognition
Like for a PhD
Or for being the employee of the month
Or for playing well with others
Perhaps you seek extra buttons because you can’t get enough of your own opinions around you

Enigma (Symbolist Poem)

In the conglomeration of possibilities, the child of your dream endowed with vision, holds the hand of the child on the beach in front of you. The flowers of your dreams perfume the marine atmosphere like those in the garden of delicate Zen jasmine. The heart of an anterior love falls in love with the lovers holding hands on the beach, with the child between them forming the sacred pyramid of creation, in the crepuscular splendour of orange-rosy glow of the sun, sinking into the enigmatic profoundness of the sea.

Heart & Ego In A Row

Heart, a hidden treasure everyone knows
But no one dares to reveal and never vows!

Battling heart, the victim of so many rows
See; how the outer jeers veer your toes!

Societal sanctions sue anything but arrows
Dejection brews from injection of early sows!

Lust makes us dust without making any ado