Red-Red = Double - Red Rebel Is In Trouble! (Part-2) Poem by Harindhar Reddy

Red-Red = Double - Red Rebel Is In Trouble! (Part-2)

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</>Fighting is my Label,
I am a red rebel.........
I am in trouble and in double.
From here does my revolution spread.
As I wed blood and a rebellion dead.

I am dying spirit of my fellow comrades.
I am a lover of swords and Marx words.
I spill my blood in the dark deep woods;
Social change is my goal, I'm a tool.
Societal change is my soul, I'm no fool!

If I open my mouth war is not far.
As a child I did not slide on saar.
So far, I know only a war for heaven's sake
I can't sneak like a thief or slither like snake!
Hike! Hike! My life is at stake.

Hello! Hello! Fellow class!
I did not pass, I am mass, ma! Ma! Mass.
Karl Marx, Fredric Angel, Mao is my boss;
Gun is my friend and pen is my property.

I will fight and fight till I create history.
But I died in fowl encounter and under mystery.
Remember my words we cannot be calm,
Keep chanting, “Salaam! Salaam! Comrade lal salaam! ”
You moved heaven and earth bye, bye comrade!
Let me bid you adieu with bon-voyage Comrade!

(Peculiar words and terms a list:
Saar = a thing made for small children to slide in schools.
lal = red colour in Hindi
Note: all the new terms used in fourth stanza like Guevarist, Trotskyist, Titoist, etc. are the words derived from famous the names of famed communist leaders of different countries and in different ages.)
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BIG NOTICE BOARD: Sorry, if you LIKE to grasp central theme of poem Just take a break! Now READ PART1 to make your reading wholesome.

RED-RED = Double - RED REBEL is in Trouble! (Part-1)

Unwritten Soul 31 October 2011

lal lal and red smear in tear and it very clear, a red red color....There's few great lines there, and you really pour some intelligent mind there and make it a beautiful dye..the red now look striking like a human blood..Communism however not in my core, just like you poetic words..keep writing Harindhar :) _Unwritten SOul

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Harindhar Reddy 21 May 2020

Thank you Soul for an excellent review on the poem 🙏🙏👍 👍

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Vivek Sheetal Dhaduvai 29 October 2011

wow! ! ! gud poem....n lines r superb..... d meaning of the poem is also gud.... i like tis poem ur superb! ! superb! ! ! ! superb! ! ! ! ! ! ....

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Harindhar Reddy 21 May 2020

Thank you for superb review on the poem 🙏🙏👍👍

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Vipins Puthooran 27 October 2011

Wow, an amazing poem, (Gun is my friend and pen is my property I'll fight and fight till I create history) . I like these lines are very powerful, comes from a brave heart, , I think, dear poet, you written the ideas of Marxism, , An amazing write, , , top marks 10+++

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Harindhar Reddy 21 May 2020

Thank you my friend for a nice comment on the poem 🙏🙏👍👍

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Harindhar Reddy

Harindhar Reddy

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