As A Routine Feature Poem by Subbaraman N V

As A Routine Feature

Rating: 2.9

To convert the penalty corner
To a coveted goal with honor
Boundless drive and will
Need is to fill the bill!
We have men and women
With proven talent and acumen
What all we need
Is support indeed!
Political withiout politics
Societal without social ills
Financial without fetters
Coaching without prejudice!
Seven, eleven and seventeen
Sure to become
Seventy, eleven and hundred
Not in a distant future
But sure as a routine feature!

(As an Indian, one wishes for in the fast approaching Olympics)

Gita Ashok 25 June 2010

Your strong sense of patriotism comes alive here with your powerful words - even stronger than what I saw in the movie 'Chak De' (a not-too-recent Hindi movie on hockey) .

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Chitra - 06 December 2008

a well penned poem, suggestive in tone. Your work can be used as a blueprint to overcome these shortfalls

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Kesav Easwaran 13 June 2008

You make a good point here, Subbaraman. We were giants in international field hockey. Although recently a bit shaded, the talent remains abundant. The love for the game should come up mainly from corporate houses having unselfish commercial motives. I recall the days in mid fifties whence India lost to France (?) in the semis in Olympic football playing bare foot...

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Greenwolfe 1962 20 April 2008

It is now time for India to come into its own in the world of sport. I for one, have been waiting for the giants to be awakened from their sleep. Both male and female. GW62

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Abha Sharma 10 April 2008

It is really sad that this time our hockey team could not even qualify for this mega event…your poem points out our shortcomings and give the solutions to improve the system…let your voice reach all those who can help us turn this curse into a blessing Suggestive and thoughtfully composed.

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Subbaraman N V

Subbaraman N V

Karaikkudi - Tamilnadu- India
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