Buttons Are So Gay Poem by David Beckham

Buttons Are So Gay

Rating: 4.8

Everyone has an opinion
Consider your opinions like the buttons on your shirt
Each button representing an opinion you have in life
All buttoned, you are clothed in full knowledge of your view on world and life
But sometimes we leave a button out, because an idea is suffocating us
Sometimes we need more buttons because society believes we deserve extra recognition
Like for a PhD
Or for being the employee of the month
Or for playing well with others
Perhaps you seek extra buttons because you can’t get enough of your own opinions around you
Or simply because you are 'that' standout kid!
Whatever your case

Consider the curious case of the standout kid
Consider his case for gay marriage
Even the slightest mention of it raises an eye brow
Everything comes to a screeching halt
Everyone is neatly dressed and buttoned
Make no mistake to press the wrong button
Because you can always feel the nerves
It societal and it runs deep
The sensitivity is like the nerve endings on a bad tooth
It sure will ache when messed with

The Toughest topics to debate are the ones where the answers weigh heavily on moral grounds
How do you decide what is right or wrong?
Gay marriage, Abortion, Murder, Marriage etc are issues we have debated for centuries
The “law' as we have it was founded on the notion of 'beyond reasonable doubt”
There is something quite odd about it all
The jury selection is based on odd numbers
This life was indeed odd to begin with.
One planet, one Sun, one Moon
One father, one mother
The jury has to reach a verdict.
It is deemed a FAIR solution to have odd numbers of jury
With even number of juries, we would be deadlock for days. Fair enough
We as humans want a fair solution and seek fair answers
Fair decisions to complicated problems
The problem as I see it is thus 2 folds
(a) Fair
(b) Man

It is definitely not fair perhaps downright unreasonable to think 2 men can’t love each other
Or that 2 females can’t love each other
I know of homes where it takes 2,3,4 sometimes 5 women to raise a successful man and vice versa
This problem, truth be told is as old as man
It was man that decided that the fair thing to do was hunt animals for their meat and fur
Was that fair to animals?
It was man that decided to invade and occupy lands
Was that fair to humans?
Man has been acting odd from the beginning of time
Why then does it come as a surprise that man wants to marry man?

Ready, set, go
And here comes the time machine
No one can stop the clock from ticking
Same way, no one can stop the “evolutionary” process
If someone from the future perhaps showed us all what the future will be like
A future with dwindling population size
And a world where men were killing men for there was a lack of lovers
Men forcefully taken away in the middle of the night to be with other men
And then one day, the world was without children and finally
There was a scarcity of adult males and adult females
An imbalance in the male and female population of lovers
And such more males bonded together and now marriage was defined as between 3 people,
That is,3 men and 3 female! Fair enough!

Another 300 years is defined as between 4 people. Fair enough!
And then one day it is all adult men and all adult women left on earth.
And someday, someone will ask the question again
Is it fair that we annihilate all of mankind because of our actions?
And the jury will be out with a vote to say
”On a 5 to 4 vote split on evolutionary lines”
“We the jury vote that it is unconstitutional for men to marry men and females to marry females, marriage is here defined as between a man and a woman”

And after 1000 years, order is restored and the population size starts to increase again
There is more food on earth because in all that time
T here were very few people to deplete all of earth resources and that reduction meant a reduction in pollution
China is clean again, and now we have words of dinosaur sighting in China.
It is the year 4000.
May you live long to find the fair answers to questions that have bothered man for years!
And tell the world 4000 years from now what the world turned out to be.
In the absence of such gory images, give peace a chance, love one another and button up!

Anita Cross 20 June 2011

wow that may have been a long poem as im sure it took some time to write but it was strong well written and deeply meaning ful as well as moving and it got me thinking your right mayb society does have issues... thank you

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Stefanie Fontker 15 August 2011

Society is definitely flawed. A beautiful write though, your mind digs deep.

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Lisa John 27 June 2011

This is quite a GAY poem but its really facinating the topic is unique and of an equired taste... Great x

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Kseniya (Xeny) Rundel 25 June 2011

Since you 'consider the curious case of the standout kid', the whole poem goes the gay way. And your 'manifest of the idea with the existing social systems', that is perfectly described in the comment of Pranab k Chakraborty below is less heard. I'd take another case and shorten the poem. Let's imagine for a minute, that people you are writing to are also clever and a bit educated))) English is not my native language. But your native english was clear and nice reading for me. That's really good i think because your english is a language of international communication. I'd read your poems on another topics with pleasure... Sincerely! ! ! ! !

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Pranab K Chakraborty 22 June 2011

Poet has tried to manifest an idea with the existing social systems... its origin, its limitation, its extension, its probability with the light of philosophical truth and fallacy. After all a great work like a thesis he has done with the economy of sound. Lucid and clear to all the reader who has got the patience to read the whole. In science we know...it runs with the tracks of observation, interpretation, manipulation and inference. We also know... philosophy derives from the common sense....So, what looks impossible to grant today, perhaps tomorrow we may have to solve another problem and this one will lost its importance to discuss. Todays problem will be no more for tomorrows......Theory of relativity is much more effective to apply such cases. Social truths varry from society to society, geographicl situations and also on time perhaps....You have written all these things here as I understand. Thank you for sharing. Regards, pranab 10+ (if it goes)

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Amy Lalala 20 June 2011

I loved it! How you thought to use buttons like that amazes me! good job!

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