Loneliness Poem by Sandra Martyres


Rating: 4.4

Humans were created
To be related
To stay united in families
And for the families to live
Harmoniously in communities
It happened systematically in the past
When dependence levels were high
And relationships were made to last
Now older people look back and sigh
For today things have changed
Each individual is an island unto himself
Considered capable of meeting his own needs
Both temporal and intellectual

There are jobs, books and the media
To educate him and keep him busy
There are restaurants and fast food joints
To cater to every pocket and palate
Bars, night clubs, theatres and all else
To entertain him but after that - what
Every man and woman needs to return home
To people who value and care for him or her
This is what is really beginning to disappear

The resultant sense of loneliness is a killer
Here is where people lose out
Staying in the perennial rat race
Looking for more material comforts
And that illusive state of mind
Commonly referred to as their own space
Societal recognition is their only ambition
Selfishness takes over and they are
Unable to stay connected to each other
Broken homes strained relations
Are not uncommon thereafter
Is this the way we want to stay?

Carol Gall 12 October 2009

great write shows how things really are today 10

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Fay Slimm 12 October 2009

Sad but careful observation of the result of 21 century living Sandra - - your final line asks the relevant question - which the fist lines pose as the answer to lonliness..... may we all learn that to relate to others is a gift to treasure.....10 Fay

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Rakesh Bedi 13 October 2009

.....each individual is an island unto himself..... beautiful expression, sandra....i immensely liked your poem, dear....

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 13 October 2009

the emotional void this creates can never be filled by any job or money..am a person who does not bwlieve even in nation..religion or caste...family i feel is the most natural division we have..one family does not despise the other...one actually gives birth to a lot more...a wonderful poem sandra...goes into my favs

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Meggie Gultiano 13 October 2009

Our family is first and foremost the most important unit in the society.Without it, our struggle to be successful in life is nothing.Material things are not that important if we are not complete... Nevertheless, this piece is a wake up call, Sandra.Thank you for sharing with us your gift of wisdom. Take care and God bless.. Love, Meggie

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Sandra Fowler 24 October 2009

There is warmth and solace in staying connected to home and hearth.A profound indictment of loneliness. Excellent write, Sandra. Love, Sandra

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 23 October 2009

One must enjoy the company of onself......or in other words, one must enjoy the company of loneliness..............a good write...

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Anand Madhukar 19 October 2009

A profound poem with deep insight though a bit rhetorical at times.

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Well done Sandra. Oh how the world need to hear this poem! Thanks for sharing my friend 10/10

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Sonya Florentino 15 October 2009

in Japan they have these things called a 'capsule' hotel, which is a space to sleep, a little larger than a coffin......for (mostly) men who are too tired from work to go home or too far away from home....or too drunk to go home.... it's the saddest thing ever.....

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