! Humanitarianism Poem by Vidyadhar Durgekar

! Humanitarianism

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Religion & Atheism are like the two sides of the coin,
Atheism preaches reason & rationale;
Belief & faith are the essence of religion of mine,
Both are adversaries having treasure of reason & morale;

World is in balance when they are in friendship;
when all preach & practice love and common sense,
Religion finds reason in the unquestioned worship;
Atheism is the strong reason of the people themselves;

Belief and atheism are always in contravention,
But they remain the essentials of balanced pragmatism,
Both in harmony can prevent modern extremism,
In proportion they form paradisal societal composition;

Deep ideas of philosophies are difficult to imbibe,
For some religion provides solace in their grief,
For some atheism provides their individualistic belief,
Both these rest on the personal faith and belief;

Both of these for the prosperity of humanity,
Should preach anything of mass utility;
For everyone to practice societal values and morality,
To live happily and prosperous with humility;

In excess they lead to misanthropy,
Like serene Ocean suddenly turning stormy;
Resulting in fanatism, chaos and extremity;
They meet at a single point of convergence,
For the reason of human benevolence;

Even though they differ on law of contradictions,
Like the laws of nature of action leading to reaction;
Under the influence of un equal opposition,
Society will never be in peaceful equilibrium;

Whole of reality is too big for any ideology,
In vain we fathom the life through theology;
For it can be discussed only beyond the known, ironically,
Such paradoxes are in abundance in both ideology;

God is there or not is beyond the scientific comprehension,
Atheism is right or wrong is within the limited reasons,
They both are everyone’s personal belief and compulsion;
Let us all love everyone and respect each others perception,

No religion or atheism shall be larger than the welfare of mankind,
All those tenets and dogmas should preach everyone to be kind,
Neither of these should be taken too seriously to extreme mind,
They should be instrumental to bring together everyone and bind;

Sathyanarayana M V S 29 August 2008

This is a very meaning ful discussion. God may not be proved. Nor can be disproved. Well! We need more of this kiind discusssions.

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Emancipation Planz 21 May 2008

You have come close to having written the Complete Book of Doctrine with this eruditic piece... it was chumanly enjoyed.. thank you...

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