*love Goddess Ii Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

*love Goddess Ii

Rating: 2.8

In dark convulsions of fire of love
The goddess blue in feminine moon
Eyes with sweet lust of life to live
Strange emblems on her neck worn
Sorcery of figure with breast open
The ultimate feme revenge dominant
In display the treasures arsenal alike
Bow the head she says with the anger
Man has written history and woman
In societal privation and stoical self
In sweetness the goddess love inspires

The living love you carry in your hand
In your cheek is the red of my blood
In your eyes of hazel I dream my love
In your hairs I like in thick clouds hide
The aroma of the first rain on the earth
In your hairs lost but by the shine astir
Like full moon glows your face agile
Your lips are goblets for me to know
Poison or wine and the thousand times
Slipped on softness of the silk of skin

Like Greek columns where legs meet
To heaven any door when in orgasm
Of cosmos tonight for goddess of love
Curves of the back that curves and bends
Hours of the artist to draw line and cuts
Amber inside shall in beauty never come
Add soul in remonstrance shall she say
Nay with your word she looks her paint
To the goddess have you with glory some
What word what line bow to the nymphet

Lift me up O dear painter writer of verse
Sing to me the happiest song ever on earth

Muhammad Ali 14 February 2009

lovely touchy lines, bringing us in a calm corner of heart far from earth. brilliant

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Anjali Sinha 09 February 2009

'Sing to me the happiest song ever on earth' wow another masterpiece +++++10 Sadiq- you say to sing to you the happiest song on earth- but do u know the songs you sing here are heard by us over and over again.

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Reshma Ramesh 09 February 2009

sadiq...........u are really the ultimate in passionate love poetry.....beautiful.................and...............

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