Transition! ! Poem by Nabakishore Dash

Transition! !

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Tadpole is piscine in appearance,
breathes by gills, tailed,
very actively swimming,
beautiful larva.
Metamorphosis transforms it
to an adult that
breathes by lungs,
tail less,
sluggish, four limbed,
ugly looking
amphibian fauna.

Contrary to tadpoles,
a caterpillar is
hairy, many legged,
Ugly larva,
its asceticism in the cocoon
is the metamorphosis
that converts it to
hairless, six legged,
very beautifully winged
butterfly which visits
Nature's flora.
How happy it feels to
burst out of the cocoon,
assist in pollination
for the benefit of all in creation,
is known only to the worm.

Remarkable changes
are brought about in
initial appearances and
behaviour of these
small animals.

A matter of great concern
is that infant human,
no metamorphosis,
organs grow only in size,
shows astonishing,
exceptional changes
where by its cry,
the only universal language,
changes into multiple lingos,
the only caste, the human caste,
becomes divided into many,
the only religion,
the religion of humanitarianism,
to multiple isms,
when better and nobler
option, altruism, is
replaced by terrorism,
territorialism, extremism,
sensualism and egotism.
Many a time
these transitions keep me
pondering, may be,
the societal influences,
the inner fluids,
are the reasons,
I can not talk it out,
are behind such
factionalism and vandalism.

Metamorphosis, larva, adult transition, ugly beautiful.
Sylvia Frances Chan 16 September 2021

1) I can't finish it sit behind such factionalism and vandalism, your end of the poem, of course you can't finish it, because you go from one to the other, and you keep rattling on,

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Nabakishore Dash. 17 September 2021

I, very often, keep on pondering about the forces behind changes in human adults.Body fluids and societal influence, more so society.But I can not talk it out as I am unable to wear my heart on my sleeve.But I shall use your critical views to better and refine my future poems.Thanks a lot.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 September 2021

3) I am really sorry, (I am more a critic than an average reader) but because of too many comparisons and all the beauty in nature, I can no longer know what you really mean.

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Nabakishore Dash 17 September 2021

Out of many, I have picked up few transitions which reflect some morphological and behavioural ones.My aim is to emphasize that there being no metamorphosis, how come so many changes occur in human baby, from innocency to so many complications we find in .s.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 November 2021

A wonderful poem on flora and fauna! In

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 October 2021

A wonderful poem of great insight. A brilliant comparison as regards changes in some insects and animals and in humans. Your perceptions and analysis are worth to ponder about.

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Bharati Nayak 26 September 2021

Nature has many wonders.Life, small or big, is always in the process of change.We applaud when something bad changes into good.It is really a concern when human beings shed humanism and transform into entities of different factionalism.A wonderful poem, thanks for sharing.and

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Nabakishore Dash 17 September 2021

I accept heartily all criticism and use them for making corrections in following poems.Remain thankful for those constructive critical views.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 September 2021

4) Sure, readers have their own interpretations, but this is just a bit too much for me, all described correctly, thanks for the brilliant presentation and the good formulas, but this poem contains too many Transitions for me best regards from Sylvia Frances Chan

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Nabakishore Dash 17 September 2021

Revered Ma'am, you are fully correct to point out too many transitions.I accept your comment heartily as I shall use to refine my further poems.

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