Love & Sucide

Today I thought of sucide
I thought to end my life
This world is cruel
I hate this world
there's nothing left for me.
I got the rope, i tied the loop
And climbed up in the tree.
I said good-bye
And thought i'd die
And then i heard a small voice say,


The human was created,
To vindicate the life,
Where the life maybe
Joy and sorrow,

The human was created
With good brain and body,
Now its within the human
To utilize in proper manner.

Letter To The President- Dedicated To The Memories Of The Victims Of The August 26 Sucide Attack On The Abuja Un Building.

 Tell me, I really want 2 know;
hw much longer, how much more souls;
i dnt want d usual endless tirade;
of U handling it n stil evil grows;

my people wants to know;
they are getting fed up with our woes;
please, i only need an answer of peace;
even our bright future wants to know;
and asks 'is it safe for me to show'

Love Is The Slowest Form Of Sucide

Love is the slowest form of sucide,
that I know,
love is the pain,
that will never go.

You think you know someone,
then they break your heart,
then your parents start yelling,
saying they were right from the start.


The clouds gather upon the mountain
And the thracian herdsmen stands with his spear
Desperate toend the life of a bear
So i stand, devastating looking down golden-gate
Wondering to jump down as i fix the date

Should i elude under a hole,
To hide myself, from the world as a whole?
Hang myself or prepare my grave with a hoe
Nostalgically, i stand staggering to move up.

Faild Sucide

the blade runs arcoss my vein.
liqued life flows away.

no longer alive, but not yet dead
whats is wrong? so much of my blood i have shed

can i die? is that so much to ask?
i gusse my life will always last.

Poets Sucide

On the page behold
rains the emptiness of my words
a poets sucide
his dimise is shown

If not with my pain, with what shall I write
of joy of wich I feelt none
of redemption or rejection?
or unmeaningful affection?

The Last Sucide Note

I have thought this over and over, i finally came
to the conclusion this is the only way out. I can't
stress no more, It was time to end it.

My last sucide note i got my gun put one bullet in it
cucked it back, Then begin to think I can't do this shit sobber
so i went on down to the liquor store got me a nice bottle
of that voka

then went to a friends house and got me a enough to roll me some thing up. then i began my journey on down,

Sucide I Wish

I dream that I am dead
I wish I was
lifes not the end
its just the begining


Sucide The Only Way Out

I can't take this pain anymore
Its killing me inside
I try not to think about it
but when I see them
I feel the pain again
I can't take it anymore
I can't take my life
I have tried so many times to get out
but nothing works
I haven't tried one thing

Faking This Sucide

Faking my sucide, love for all to see... yours
you read this note, the letters
to see
maybe if you were me
maybe this murder for you, to see
to be me
like jesus
faking this sucide.

Suicidal Sucide

Glazed eyes
Tears that cry
Blackened eyes
Dreams that die

Dyed hair
People stare
Scarred wrists
People dismissed


i sit here and wonder
should i be here
what do i have left
to do in this life
it is so full of shit
and drama
is it worth stay here
or should i take the pills
that are in sight
should i end this pain now

Sucide: A Hoax

Today life isn’t simple as one thought
Rotating days bring everyday big rocks
Education isn’t about knowledge anymore
It is scoring and society status goal
Which take anxiety and interest for knowledge
As score don't build life but with society it crawls in
That’s why for some suicide is a common cure
As shortcut it can be called
life any minute can fall
As short way from miseries and way to heaven it is always thought

Sucide Thought

His backbone pressed against the dry-cracked wall of hopelessness,
Water excreated by his painful eyes...
Death winks at him
His emotion dejected by the world
He exists in a world nobody desires to be a part of,
His imagination runs wild.
He sees a twine dangling from the tree in the courtyard
The twine caresses his lungs
With flies romancing his cold skin
He imagines standing in the air with no super ability

Sucide In The Train

From the trains.. The face of journeys shines
In the stations.. The pictures of hopes disappeared
The train goes on and trees have disappeared in his track
A cloud stole moon s face
The path switch off
And the small children how they noisy!
With muddy mouth laughing on our feet those cloudy with soil
There is no rain in our street!
Between wheat there is a pretty blond girl

The Sucide Note

The Suicide Note

The vile note was written by me
An epitah on my tomb for everyone to see
It was written by me in an inebriated state
Then handed over by me to my mate
The note in which I signed away my life
Coaxed out of me as the media said
The note that I had before never read
I was as startled at the discovery