Words Poem by Edward Thomas


Rating: 3.4

Out of us all
That make rhymes
Will you choose
Sometimes -
As the winds use
A crack in a wall
Or a drain,
Their joy or their pain
To whistle through -
Choose me,
You English words?

I know you:
You are light as dreams,
Tough as oak,
Precious as gold,
As poppies and corn,
Or an old cloak:
Sweet as our birds
To the ear,
As the burnet rose
In the heat
Of Midsummer:
Strange as the races
Of dead and unborn:
Strange and sweet
And familiar,
To the eye,
As the dearest faces
That a man knows,
And as lost homes are:
But though older far
Than oldest yew, -
As our hills are, old, -
Worn new
Again and again:
Young as our streams
After rain:
And as dear
As the earth which you prove
That we love.

Make me content
With some sweetness
From Wales
Whose nightingales
Have no wings, -
From Wiltshire and Kent
And Herefordshire, -
And the villages there, -
From the names, and the things
No less.
Let me sometimes dance
With you,
Or climb
Or stand perchance
In ecstasy,
Fixed and free
In a rhyme,
As poets do.

Ravi A 06 September 2009

The poet has rightly captured the heart of words. An excellent write. Born and unborn words. Sweet and rhyming words. Dancing words. Soothing words. The feelings are great.

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Ayush Anand 06 September 2012

Wow, just wow, this is great! ! ! !

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Carlos Echeverria 06 September 2012

The choppy, staccato-like meter complements the Fixed and free rhyme scheme.

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Ramesh T A 06 September 2011

Yes, indeed poet has the magical power to create jollity in creative words that make one sing and dance sure!

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Stevie Taite 06 September 2012

A celebration of poets and poetry! Almost a tribute! Happiness would be a party of poets for him!

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words are the poet's voice and view...

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Savita Tyagi 06 September 2014

Lovely poem. Enjoyed these soft romantic feelings of poet for the words. Words are to a poet what sky is to birds.

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Manohar Bhatia 06 September 2013

I think the poet wants to convey an important message on {ryhming}.He says that just as ryhming creates waves in a poem, but think of the other side of the rainbow, and write your words in such a way that ordinary words like a crack, whistle can send an outstanding meaning. Manohar Bhatia.

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Olayemi Lawal 04 April 2013

please can someone explain this poem to me it may come out in my exam

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Pranab K Chakraborty 07 September 2012

...Fixed and free / In a rhyme, / As poets do..... And ultimately we get a chance to stop as poet gave us an opportunity.............Pranab k c

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