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In all her splendor she shines
In all her glory she charms
With all her beauty she's poised
With all her grace she's composed

I feel sick-the feeling one feels when he has a fever
The same anxiety, ill-mood, and very sober
I feel numb-as the fever triggers inch by inch
Making me worried, I need a pinch

When you can't hold back the tears
From streaming down your face
The rain comes to the rescue
Saving you from appearing blue.

If you find a woman sexy
That is because she is brainy
She can charm you with her wit
Your intelligence she can meet

I thought of EvE, when ADAM trusted her
They were both banished, became so unpure
But they have made it, and mankind began
You and me here we are, we owe them one.

As I stare at the moon above
Can't help but to feel sad
That I am admiring it alone
Admiring the beautiful moon.

She is my favorite, goddess so great
She and I are friends, in my mind I create
I will be her companion in her hunting spree
We will chase in the wilds, the woods maybe

Did you ever try to shout
To the top of your lungs
Till you run out of breath
The tears show your fears?

Cold as death that's what silence means
Numb and dark always sad scenes
But when you came all the closed garden gates
Are filled with music the sadness melts.

Alone under a tree, a vision comes to me
People will look at me, with satisfaction I can see
I will smile back at them, whoever they may be
Until we smile all along, smiling happily

Let me keep you in my heart
So we will never part
Allow me to whisper you name
It keeps my feelings aflamed.

If only I am a little drop of rain
I would skip and jump in every window pane
I will come tumbling down in every leaf I see
I will shimmer and glitter so you'll see me quickly

Waiting means
more cups of coffee and more late at nights,
counting the stars and savoring the moonlight.

My husband's funny antics
My son's cute gimmicks
My husband's roaring laughter
My son laughs after

When you put a face
When you wear a smile
That couldn't be erased
Even just for a while

The house is quiet
The rest are sleeping
Yet she is still wondering
Her mind travelling

When our hairs turn to gray
This is what I want to say
We can sit by the front yard
Everyday we can laugh hard

Darkness is a quiet friend
That embraces me so tight
When doubts I cannot end
It helps me feel alright

She chooses to cry for she cannot contain
Every hurt inside and all the pain
She runs to cry when she needs help
To unburden the tears her smile can't keep

I write my poems with my coffee cup
I smile as I write while the verses shape up
All the thoughts in my mind I write endlessly
For they flow nonstop as I sip my coffee

Naida Nepascua Supnet Biography

If I could only write everything that comes my mind everytime a thought comes, I would. I have always wanted to write, I think it is a very amazing act, or job or whatever is the right word to call it.Writing poetry is a very intelligent way of expressing oneself.)

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Beauty Queen

In all her splendor she shines
In all her glory she charms
With all her beauty she's poised
With all her grace she's composed

Adorable queen, queen of the sky
Her damsels are the stars up high
She trully emerges and she stands out
A real beauty, that's what we talk about

She makes every poet write poems
She makes every lover love love
She makes every singer sing songs
And creates good friendship in every foe

She brings a smile to every broken heart
She brings hope to every hopeless fight
She brings joy to every painful cries
And creates solitude in every lonely night

She is a queen, a queen so inspiring
She is a friend, a friend since the beginning
She is an enigma, enigmatic and mysterious
And she never fails to give color to my world

She is the moon, the goddess in the sky
She is Luna, Yes A Diana most high
She is Phoebe, She is Selene
She is Artemis a great beauty queen.

Naida Nepascua Supnet Comments

naida, it is a great understatement if i say i dont love ur poems. they only but tell of ur true kind of person.keep on doing the good work.

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Jim Troy 26 August 2011

Naida is a very gifted poet at a high level. I love the power that comes through in some of her art as it comes accross with the force of the mother protecting her young.... A very helpful person who always points out valid ways a poet may expand their-selves..She's a ten..JTroy

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Kaila George 18 October 2011

Naida Your peoms are quite refreshing to read, Im new to this site and Ive only put up what I have already written for so long, and like I said, I have never been influenced by poets in general...I write from exprerience or I try to write what I see and understand in others, you have such a wealth of knowledge in your poems, I feel like a child compared to how you write, but then again so many say I am good...Im learning, is that not what life is all about learning. Bravo continue what you love doing...just as much as I do. Your friend Kaila

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Khairul Ahsan 04 August 2013

I am extremely delighted to read some of the poems of Naida today, have expressed my joy I got out of reading some pieces as comments to the poems. Naida, you are a sweet, talented poetess who loves to sing the glory of love. I am a bit frustrated to see that you haven't sent a single poem to this forum in the year 2013 (I do not want to believe that you didn't write any) . Please keep writing and keep sending. I fully agree with the comments of Maia Padua and Jim Troy who have written, as if, on my behalf. I applaud all other poets who have shared their beautiful feelings here.

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M Candelaria 23 February 2013

Hello po. I am also a frustrated witer from the Philippines. I will really appreciate it if you read and comment on my poems. Thank you.

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Marvin Paul Mones 15 February 2012

Ahm, magtatagalog na lang po ako, ahm.. NapadaAn lang tita kasi nabasa ko yung pm mo, kaya un? =) ahm, belated hapi heart's day po!

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Ramesh Rai 15 November 2011

i have also posted one poem on Women. i hope it will be liked by you.

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Miriam Maia Padua 02 November 2011

NAIDA...a poetess.. oozing with versatility....if you're looking for romantic, lovely, funny, and touching, strong poems.. you're in the right track, this is the page that can give what your eyes, mind and heart is looking for... Naid, Thanks for sharing your poems with the world to read and feel...

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I hope you see me the way you do when I was still not yours.

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