. Walking Wounded

Somewhere, sometime, you were Wounded
Maybe as early as infancy when you were denied
All the essentials of the bonding experience
Perhaps the wounds were inflicted
When another toddler refused to return the toy you readily shared
Or by the mean girl who broke your favorite colored crayon
Or the bully who pushed you on the playground
Or perhaps it happened that first time
Someone more sophisticated, though lacking empathy,
Assailed your ears with a course laughter,

Christmas Eve

Oh sharp diamond, my mother!
I could not count the cost
of all your faces, your moods-
that present that I lost.
Sweet girl, my deathbed,
my jewel-fingered lady,
your portrait flickered all night
by the bulbs of the tree.

Your face as calm as the moon

Back From Beauteous Normandy....

Back From Beauteous Normandy….

I still remember the light blue skies
touches the bright seablue horizon
that scene still lingers in my mind
the grey rock stony hills overgrown with green

walking at the beach
at my right hand our toddler Vinhie
is walking firmly in the sand

A Child's Laughter

One of a kind this cheerful sound
A child's laughter wherever it's found
From the giggling of a baby in a playpen
To the laughter of a toddler again and again

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To one who hasn't done so in such a long while
I know because that one was me
Until my daughter's laugh set mine free

A Stream In The Woods

Like a toddler taking maiden steps
The narrow stream moves through the woods
Tripping and falling over pebbles and boulders
Chiming its silver anklets

Forcing itself in irrepressible flow
It thrusts and shoves its way down
Through thickets and a line of ferns
And the tangle of creepers and thorny brambles

' Silly Girl

Silly girl with your head in the clouds,
When will your feet touch the ground?
You're childish and living in fantasyland,
You may not be mentally sound;

Your world as you like to express it
Is anything but the mundane,
You'd think at your age you'd be worried
That others might think you're insane!

The Little Boy On Bodrum Beach

(Lines written spontaneously after seeing the photo of the body of a little Syrian boy washed up on the beach of Bodrum, a Turkish resort town, as the family were trying to escape by boat to Greece. Tragedy of the 5 year old Syrian Civil War.3rd September 2015)

The little boy
(A Kurdish toddler
In red shirt and blue shorts)
Washed up on the beach
Of Bodrum, a Turkish resort,
Far away from home.
The sea weeps over his lifeless body,
Washing him with her foam.

! ! ! ! ! Watching A Child Grow! ! ! ! !


Like flowers reaching for Sun, baby sucks ma's breast.
Petals open kissed by light, baby smiles content.
Dew drops evaporate, toddler plays on grass.
Butterflies flirt with flowers, he gurgles and laughs...


Whole creation is alive, youthful and so bright.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Vizhdam Vi...(I See You...) (For Onelia)

'Did you know..? '
says ALICE

'...that Lacie is a
an anagram of me! '

She follows me
through Sofia's streets

as my camera clicks


On a cool night
a full moon
inspects toddler's toys
strewn across the yard

a light bulb
burns on the porch
a wisp of steam
from a kettle
slithers past

Albert Einstein 19 - meditation On Science

When a young brilliant mind
Focuses on his passion,
Thinks deeply,
Contemplates on his subject,
Meditates on it continuously,
Then, miracles begin to happen!

Little wonders began right from Albert's childhood.
The first time when his father gifted him a compass,
Albert was wonder struck, by its amazing property.

The Real Vincent Van Gogh

The Real Vincent Van Gogh

here speaks the truth

he was not famous like after his death

not a single painting sold

one subject followed the other subject

A Cup Of Tea

A cup of tea, some soda bread,
Would you take some milk and sugar, friend?
Sit here by the fireside
And share with me the daylights end.

You show your photos with just pride
This one of your eldest, a blushing bride
Wasn’t it just yesterday
she was a toddler hard at play?

Tell Me Some Secrets Of This Life

In the hangover of the dawn late after the sunrise
the breeze silent like it is asleep
like the hush in a toddler’s cradle
quiet is the approaching afternoon
in dwindling faith you return
after the walk in long broken path
where women have wept silent tears
children have carried broken homes
the servants have laid their backs to rest
and the kings have put their sword down

To My Mother

Wrapped around in my swaddling clothes,
I saw her bright beaming face.
Lying helpless, still in a trance,
I sensed her soft soothing touch.

Warm it was when huddled tight,
Glad it was to be held close,
Pleasure it was to be lifted up,
And Heaven it was to be in her lap.

A Mother And A Toddler

Screeching tires
Halting onlookers
Is dubious
What’s beneath
Limbs were strewn apart
Flesh of a mother and a toddler

Government officials
Broke down to their knees


"Mother" ..by.. Nadia . Umber. Lodhi.

God..created..world, . so ..beautiful,

men..and..women, . so..Wise,

But ..He..created..mother..selfless,

Mother ..sacrifices.. her.. whole..life,

Albert Einstein 49 - Albert's Sons - Hans Albert & Eduard

Dr Einstein loved children but what an irony!
He never could enjoy the presence of
His own children along with him during his life time.
They remained far away and distant from him.
Though he was a great humanist and a pacifist,
His critics felt that he neglected not only his children
But his wives - Mileva and Elsa too.
Most often, he was engrossed in his scientific work,
Or his other passionate pursuits, friendships or travels.
Is it destiny that played tricks with Dr Einstein?

Christmas Future

A toy locomotive
fresh red paint
on it’s wooden boiler
waits on time for completion.

Black and white tints
stands ready in jars
for the peeling
of masking tape.
and a grandmother’s

Chugging Back In Time

Petals fall, wheels roll
How swift is the flight of time

Lifting the veil of my translucent memory
The past comes alive with a rare fragrance
Don't you remember the very first time
We saw each other on a Christmas Eve
Amid gazing eyes, we stood embarrassed
As Time, like an unsteady toddler
Crawled away on hands and legs