A Mother And A Toddler Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

A Mother And A Toddler

Rating: 5.0

Screeching tires
Halting onlookers
Is dubious
What’s beneath
Limbs were strewn apart
Flesh of a mother and a toddler

Government officials
Broke down to their knees
The beggar they’re chasing
Was gone in a split seconds
Now they have deceased
A tragic ending
Was it a life’s lesson?
Who could bear?
To look at the scene
I swear
It’s not supposed to be seen

A toddler
In tact
In his mother’s cuddle
Albeit mother’s strewn
All over
A bundle

Anilkumar A K 04 May 2008

Very nice poem. Enjoyed it very much. Take a look at Athul and Akhil who are young poets. But their poems are super.

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Philip Housiaux 14 April 2008

Nice use of ambiguity to create an emotional response good work thanks

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Mamta Agarwal 22 March 2008

avery touching poem. it creates the entire scene so vividly.

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Katherine Wiley 07 March 2008

yusof-Your poem is deep and well expressed. Your imagery is great, and gave me shudders while I read your poem. It has a great impact. You have the ability to write very strong poetry, my friend. Katherine

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Christian Rios 01 March 2008

Job well done my friend.

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Naidz Ladia 17 December 2008

this s a good writing hon, but it made me cry...tragic ending..

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Jaci Burns 04 August 2008

you let your feelings go to show and make people feel the pain and heart break of this poem

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Marilyn Lott 18 May 2008

So heartbreaking, but all too real. Great job of putting down the pain. Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Greenwolfe 1962 09 May 2008

This was a clear recitation of a tragedy all too common with a common question attached. Let the question be asked again and again, until it is answered. GW62

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Norvelle Gross 08 May 2008

you have a good imagination so thats wat draw me to ur poems

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