Albert Einstein 19 - meditation On Science Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Albert Einstein 19 - meditation On Science

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When a young brilliant mind
Focuses on his passion,
Thinks deeply,
Contemplates on his subject,
Meditates on it continuously,
Then, miracles begin to happen!

Little wonders began right from Albert's childhood.
The first time when his father gifted him a compass,
Albert was wonder struck, by its amazing property.
Then, the second time, when his Uncle Jacob
Gifted a book of Geometry, he was thrilled!
Albert fondly called it "The sacred little geometry book".

Albert from his young age,
worked on his own without any aid,
Continuously, studiously, and relentlessly.
He was greatly attracted to physics and mathematics,
For its beauty of clear definitions and the whole truth.
He took great interest in synthesis of analytical geometry

By the age of twenty five, Albert became a deep thinker,
Analysing each subject in detail with perfection.
Though he appeared as a doting father,
Playing with his toddler son Hans Albert,
Or working sincerely in the patent office,
His whole mind was full of science and physics.

For Albert Einstein,
It was a mindful meditation of physics,
He was thinking of physics,
Talking and discussing physics,
Developing new ideas in physics.
And walking physics too, from his office back home

A Biographical Poem

Thursday, May 27, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: true,story,personality,science,meditation,perfectionist
I love reading autobiographies and biographies. As a student in school and college, I enjoyed reading Gandhi ji's autobiography -" The story of my experiments with the Truth". Based on his story, I wrote 50 poems on Mahatma Gandhi in Poem Hunter and later, published it as a book entitled - "Mahatma Gandhi - Simple Living High Thinking". Now, I am thoroughly enjoying writing on Albert Einstein, based on many books published on his life and works. Last one year, I have been reading on his life. His quotes are exceptional and have quoted them in the last few poems on Albert Einstein. This portion of Albert Einstein's life in the patent office, I found to be most interesting. I guess, this was the most effective and fruitful period of his life where he made new innovations and discoveries that startled the world in Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy too. In previous poems, I have added Einstein's famous quotes to end each poem. Last few poems, I am adding my own quotes, based on the life situation. Thank you, dear friends, for reading this biographical poem on Albert Einstein - an exceptional scientist par excellence. I appreciate your beautiful and valuable comments. Truly obliged!
Varsha M 27 May 2021

Ma'am this is just a beautiful view of passion possession. I thoroughly enjoyed your biograhic poetry.

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M Asim Nehal 28 May 2021

When someone finds his passion and dreams he gets engrossed in it fully.5***

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Shruthi Menon 02 June 2021

Great passion he had

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Vrinda 23 June 2021

Great Albert Einstein poem.

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Shruti Verman 22 August 2021

amazing dedication

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Indulekha Menon 24 July 2021

Eibstein_eep involvement in his passion

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 July 2021

Yes dear madam! He was a born genius!

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Chinedu Dike 12 July 2021

A beautiful motivational piece written with conviction.....

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Ankush P 23 June 2021

Beautifully written👌👌

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