A Cup Of Tea Poem by John F. McCullagh

A Cup Of Tea

Rating: 2.8

A cup of tea, some soda bread,
Would you take some milk and sugar, friend?
Sit here by the fireside
And share with me the daylights end.

You show your photos with just pride
This one of your eldest, a blushing bride
Wasn’t it just yesterday
she was a toddler hard at play?

Here are prints of Bob and Fred
Your two boys, both Ginger heads
Bob’s at University
My Henry used to work with Fred..

I had a letter yesterday
From our friend, Mary, at Black Bay
Her son is fighting in Iraq
She counts the days until he’s back

Its’ hard for me now Henry’s gone-
my children grown and moved away.
Filling moments isn’t easy
II'm grateful that you came today.

Remember when we all were young
and danced at céili’s all night long
We gave our parents anxious times
staying out sometimes till dawn..

A cup of tea, some soda bread,
Have it with a bit of jam.
Let the tea steep and grow strong
Night is coming soon anon.

A old woman and an infrequent visitor sit down for tea.
Margaret O Driscoll 04 January 2016

This poem is as nice as tea and soda bread, well done John! !

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Elena Sandu 18 January 2011

A lovely poem! I was there, had a sip watched the the pictures nibbled quietly , it felt like you stopped the time, could hear the laughs, thank you very much for this sweet moment, am so glad you shared! as always, only 10

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Theresa Quinn 15 November 2010

Beautiful poem. Life moves on so quickly. It's always nice to look back and share with a friend :)

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Chuck Audette 23 February 2010

Lovely scene you've captured here, John. A bit of bittersweetness flavoring the tea, perhaps. -chuck

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