A Child's Laughter Poem by Harry J. Couchon Jr

A Child's Laughter

Rating: 4.5

One of a kind this cheerful sound
A child's laughter wherever it's found
From the giggling of a baby in a playpen
To the laughter of a toddler again and again

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To one who hasn't done so in such a long while
I know because that one was me
Until my daughter's laugh set mine free

A child's laughter so gleeful and pure
An innocence adults miss for sure
Laughter that can bring back the past
And memories of a youth that flew by so fast

A child's laughter can bring out the best
Of most any man when he's depressed
Cause his spirit that's fallen to soar
Until at last he laughs once more

I wrote this poem after a marathon laughter session with my daughter. We were trying to see how could make who laugh the hardest and longest. It ended in a tie
Mark Ly 26 April 2009

I feel much better after reading this. Life can be oh so harsh, but one of the things life gave us to relax is children. And no doubt laughter is the cure to anything to everything. Truly a life saver. Just so... true and innocent

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Jackie Thielman 15 March 2009

I love it. this poem is simply beautiful Poem Writer Jackie Thielman

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Chenna Linda 14 October 2008


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Kim Barney 19 December 2014

So true. Nothing like the laughter of a child to cheer one up. I'm thousands of miles away from all my seventeen grandchildren right now, so all other little kids are like my own grandkids.

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David Stephens 01 July 2013

A child's laughter is a window to the soul.

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John Brown 05 November 2012

Well written Harry. I defy anyone not to laugh along with a child - I've helped raise 5 and have an ocean of laughs in my back catalogue, so to speak.

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Diane Wiseman 10 March 2010

Harry, there isn't anything more gratifying then the laughter of a child It calms the nerves and keeps us happy at least for awhile.

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Life Poem 13 June 2009

Same for me. This is cheery and makes me cry. Because it is so simple, after all, I'm a child who always cries. Maybe I need to laugh

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