Christmas Future Poem by Robert Charles Howard

Christmas Future

Rating: 2.1

A toy locomotive
fresh red paint
on it’s wooden boiler
waits on time for completion.

Black and white tints
stands ready in jars
for the peeling
of masking tape.
and a grandmother’s
meticulous brushing.

The little train
In brightest color array
will match another
quilted on a toddler’s comforter.

Nathanael, know that you are richly loved
by the tender body and soul
that once enclosed your mother.

Alison Cassidy 06 December 2007

Grandfatherly love and admiration pour from these words penned for a dearly loved spouse and her lucky grandson. This one certainly brought tears to my eyes. love, Allie xxx

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Ivan Donn Carswell 25 November 2007

Refined and pensively reflective writing. Rgds, Ivan

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Elysabeth Faslund 25 November 2007

Beyond the superb images here, you have the power to also compose a song, lullaby, a song to be sung to this child...which is still relevant when he grows in years. GOOD, Robert...I haven't read anything of yours that wasn't GOOD! ! ! ! xxxElysabeth

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Sandra Fowler 25 November 2007

The lovely light of warmth and tender feelings shines in this one. Pure enchantment, Robert. Always your friend at Poemhunter, Sandra

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Michael Shepherd 25 November 2007

That's lovely, and fresh as paint... I hope he gets to read it in 10,20,10x years' time, and remembers the day...

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