Applied rouge on the cheeks
Tied a glittering necklace round the neck
Putting heavy makeup,
Over the stubble on her shaven chin,
She looked into the mirror
Through its cracks, saw a million bits of her/him
Those images sneering at each other
She felt trapped in a wrong body,
With its contours n' longings mismatched

January 2019 P H Showcase Of Poems …[ Of And For P H Poets & Related Species ]

Now that I've typed 2019, I'll concentrate,
to, this New Year's showcase, consecrate …
to the "divine purpose" of entertaining you,
with dozens of poems, or ….at least a few,
chosen from MyPoemList and ELSEWHERE.
If some don't "suit your fancy", I don't care!

I trust readers have "made it" another year,
though one fine PH friend did not, ‘I fear'.
OK! Some know Bri enough to know I lie,

Good Morning, Charles

Transgender women
leggy blondes smoking cigars
Thursday at the bar
the rum shot caught in her throat
won't prevent the dry heaving

Gelukkige Vrouwendag

vandaag is het niet vrijdag DE dertiende
maar gewoon donderdag 8 maart
nog geen april
maart roert nog haar staart
en april doet wat ie altijd wil

Vrouwendag, wat een zwakke naam
het heeft ook nog geen echte wereld faam
we dachten dat het ons

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Mi Scusi, Mi Scusi, the courts of Genoa,
I beg you your pardon,
What is wrong with Friday?
Mama Mia songs are about the hits that were recorded by the Swedish group ABBA,
Abba is God but not in their case,
ABBA was an acronym for their surnames.
The little boy was named after a Nordic Goddess,
Rather than: Pilot Inspector, Brooklyn, Phinnaeus,
Banjo, Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Moxie CrimeFighter,
Eulala, Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey,

The Party Of Jesus Christ

So only God could do something to prevent and protect the people from somebody who needs to do that! So show me the political party of Jesus Christ. Let's be fair, For God's sake
Jesus Christ has been around for thousands of years. So let's be easy going about this by this
point and by way of human reckoning, let's just call God Jesus Christ-at least so in this poem and surely of course always when referring to political things like what we have now made of mass shootings. So let's adjust to this new world. And now understand that mass murders are political things. That's what the media has done to this situation. Let's go back and talk about the situation. Thirty one people have been slaughtered this past weekend. Do I write enough like a journalist. Or should I stick with being a poet….I mean I am trenchantly expository sometimes. Connoting factual pragmatic disclosures of a gang style kill thrill transgender cop who happens to live in the building next to mine. Why would I tell you this? Well, I told the LAPD and they've done nothing about it. Not even written me a letter and directed me to a different agency. "Ma'am, although we are concerned about officers of the peace who commit inexplicable gang style kill thrills, who happen to be caught doing so on a video you saw on the late afternoon news, and went into so much shock from such that it took you a long time to reach us; although we appreciate your efforts to include us in this research and concern, we are referring you to the LASD because your killer actually works for that organization: The LASD. And actually, it might be The Highway Patrol she works for. And by the way, she's laid off her testosterone injections for awhile and looks nothing like she looks in that news clip, but it is just not our jurisdiction. And we are not therapists, so we can't extend our condolences for your trauma, shock, and fear. " Something like that. I'm sure I phased out a bit at this point being so sick and tired of thinking about it, actually that I am probably making you my reader as sick and tired. SO: On to better and bigger things: JESUS CHRIST. At this point, I am sorry, but with mass shootings so frequent here in America, we have to just Halt there being simply The Republicans and The Democrats and we have to now start The Party of Jesus Christ as a political option. This is true, yes? We can not handle any more of these mass killings and we have found out that whatever it is we are doing, we are not doing something right. And we don't refer to God and it is only God who can heal people who would mass kill people in a slaughter rip. And one of our current political parties only wants to blame our President and so many poets on PoemHunter even want to blame our President so I am going Hard Core about this and starting a new political party and naming that political party The PArty of Jesus Christ. Yes, things seem to have gotten that bad. Yes, yes….guess what, folks? We need GOD to stop these slaughterous monsters. I'll take you through the equation step by step again. The media has enabled one political party to blame our President for the actions of an individual.Oh, because he criticized the rats in Baltimore or slung a comment back with empowered swag; whatever he's said, some Presidential Candididates are giving the power of God to Trump: claiming it's his fault. This is a problem. He; s a reality television show Hollywood Hipster. I didn't know that meant he was God to some of you. I can't go on with this. I need The Party of Jesus Christ-to believe any of this.

Happy Women´s Day!

Today is not Friday the thirteenth
but Thursday the 8th of March
not yet April
but March will stir his tail still

Women's Day, what a weak name
we thought it brings us fame
not noticed in years
the bullet went through the church, so many tears

Walked For A Long Time

The transgender poems
rip away the sacred day. Were you
projecting death to wait at the end of life?

Awakening was sudden
visiting the fear and fire. I ripen
in the beauty of water on the moon.

A star on the hawthorn
bleeds. The king wants to live again.

Clueless Is The Transgender.

Is the person in dispute
He, she, neither or both?
Genetics, Endocrinologists,
Psychiatrist, Gynecologists,
Radiologists, and Surgeons
Take a look, examine and fail
To concede it male or female.
A female is with female organs
Fully functional, with female
Hormones and 46 xx chromosomes.

Transgender Soldiers

Soldiers are the patriots of our country
Unless of course they are gay or a transgender,
Then they don't stand for the brave or the free
And against foes, they will all runaway or surrender.
But, those thoughts and beliefs I will slay,
As they are the words that our president (not me) did say.

A soldier is a soldier whether they are woman or man
They are born and then raised with that patriotic pride,
Whatever one sex or person can do, the other can

Section A In January 2017's ' A Showcase For P H Poets'... [ Up To 15 Poems From P H 'friends'; Expanding Horizons For P H Members & Visitors! ; Different Poems For Varied Tastes]

As December comes to its final week.
allow me to ink some words quite meek**.
[they won't be heard above a mouse squeak]
'Please, at this showcase, will you peek? ? '

December's showcase was a rousing success,
for me, if not for many others, I do now confess.
I do my ‘thing' on PH and you all do ‘yours'…..but …
I'm sure many of you, like me, have other chores.

What Would Have Been Mine!

I am remembering holding this book I am holding now,
reading this poetry book I am reading now, and remembering
how I would read this poet in college. Occasionally, maybe rarely.

Maybe only because it was recommended to me by a 'friend', a fellow
student, even a room mate- one of the better ones, who I have no dire
problems with in remembering what he was like as a person, for the most part

And everything starts to fall apart and fall together once I enter memory as a
function of poetry. Nothing I have to be exact about. Nothing I can think of as

Sunday Mornings…..Indiana

Seems a Holy Band assembled
Church Folks on Sunday morning
….Back home……in Indiana

Morality….as they know it
On such platform the decision
…..Criticize….then ostracize
A people based on that religion

Thoughts Of A Transgender

her ams around my upper body-

mine around her lower, 

we whispered, laughed

(almost kissed!) 

but didn’t and no further;

“I don’t want to, ” she said.

“use your body, ” for
I’ve the body of a male,
but identify otherwise.

“and I’m straight.”

A Very Happy Women's Day!

Women's Day
today is not Friday The thirteenth
but Tuesday 8 March
not April yet
March still waves her tail
and April does what he always will

Women's Day,
a name to become The Name
with worldly fame

Marriage Equality For Same-Sex Couples

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
to vote in favour of a bill to allow marriage equality
for same-sex couples because it won't

impact on his relationship with his wife?

Key has correctly unlocked the issue
this is an individual conscience choice
not party political politicking choice!

Using The Toilet

If someone is at my home and they need to piss
Whether they are a mister or a miss,
Maybe it's my father or my mother or my brother or sis
To allow them to use my toilet, I will not ever dismiss.
Whether they stand up or if they need to squat
When they need to go they will use either a toilet or a pot,
But, for me to go to another gender's toilet, I will not
The rules of decency and gender, I have not forgot.
If that urge ever hits anyone whether in a house or in a store
Or maybe during a battle or even in a war,

God's Blender

God created Adam and Eve
He also created Madam and Steve,
God created everything from his blender
Which includes the gays and the transgender.
God also created all races that is known
And all the sexes from the first bone,
And all that is created upon this Earth
Remember that God allmighty, gave them all birth.
God also gave man his free will
And woman a choice to take or not take a pill

Everyone's Planet

The planet earth belongs to all:
Rich, poor, black, white
Fat, thin, male, female,
Transgender, short and tall.
Some selfish people have built
Walls, borders and barricades
To divide human beings.
Some have written laws
To separate human beings.
Some have spread notions

The Bridge

you would think
that if we didn't sink
after finding a million and one
untraditional ways to cross a river
that a burning bridge
would mean nothing at all

that if we had doggy paddled
our way across the mississippi
in the heat of july