Transgender Soldiers Poem by Randy McClave

Transgender Soldiers

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Soldiers are the patriots of our country
Unless of course they are gay or a transgender,
Then they don't stand for the brave or the free
And against foes, they will all runaway or surrender.
But, those thoughts and beliefs I will slay,
As they are the words that our president (not me) did say.

A soldier is a soldier whether they are woman or man
They are born and then raised with that patriotic pride,
Whatever one sex or person can do, the other can
Sometimes it is tattooed upon their soul, and then their hide.
"Our military doesn't accept gays or transgenders we accept only wins"!
Says a president who dyes his hair, and wears a corset and bobby pins.

Soldiers are the true patriots of this great land
You will find them standing proud, but not as a Republican,
For our freedom they made their life's final stand
And unlike golf, they can't be given a mulligan.
At gays and transgenders a president and his political party laughed,
A man who has offered no military service voluntary or through the draft.

A soldier is a person who stands and fights for our soil
They give us that freedom that we all breathe,
They fought and died for our freedom and sadly for oil
No matters what's under their pants, or what's on their sleeve.
Now we have a president who wants all transgenders out,
A president who for the freedom of all, has never fought a bout.

Randy L. McClave

Cin Sweet 04 May 2018

Relevant words for our time.

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Rajnish Manga 03 August 2017

This is indeed a very thought provoking poem. At a time when the world (including Vatican) is changing its attitude towards gays and transgenders, we need to have a realistic view in this regard and justify our human existence. Thanks for sharing the poem.

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Randy Mcclave 03 August 2017

In different times we were in different thoughts, when I was younger husbands worked and wives stayed home, in my grandparents time, you never hear of an interracial marriage. My thought is as long as someone is happy and not harming anyone, more power to them. Thank you for reading my poem. Randy

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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