Happy Women´s Day! Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Happy Women´s Day!

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Today is not Friday the thirteenth
but Thursday the 8th of March
not yet April
but March will stir his tail still

Women's Day, what a weak name
we thought it brings us fame
not noticed in years
the bullet went through the church, so many tears

I like to sit right, but not in the car
if I have to pose for a passport photo
well ladies around the world
sit straight or only right or left for the photo
with just sincere soul

wishing you a cozy Women´s Day
the rains though smallest drops
make today a miserable Women's Day

the bright sun has disappeared
OK wishing you all nice ginger cookies
and drinking tea together
do not forget grandmother's apple pie
don´t bother

my premier poem about Women´s Day
yes they accept the lesbian and the gay
the transgender must stay at bay
their problem could be discussed
in the next generation, what a fuss!

AD. Thursday 8 March 2018

Happy Women´s Day!
8 March is THE International DAY for women.
They do nothing, only celebrating, I reckon

coming together and eating ginger-cookies
with Grandmum´s Apple Pie, yummy-yummy!

Please, read and enjoy, created with love
by Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch poetess, world traveler, evangelist
AD. Thursday 8 March 2018-at the earliest time of dawn
Kumarmani Mahakul 14 March 2018

The bright sun has disappeared but wishing you all nice ginger cookies. This poem is very brilliantly penned that talks about social issues. All persons should get equal rights. Women's should get their rights and freedom to rise in society as bright sun rises in sky. An amazing sharing is done...10

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 March 2018

Forgive me the errors I typed, Sir! They are as follows: honored, compliments, for. That's all. Thank you so much.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 March 2018

I always feel humbled and honpred each time you give comments on my poems as indirect sublimest complimnets. That can only occur since your heart is mildest and tender. You perhaps don't know, but intuitively you are spreading love and appreciations through your magnificent responses that are a jewel in our eyes, thank you fior your constant support, Sir! Amazing are you! Thank you so much for your 10 vote.

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Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

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