Using The Toilet Poem by Randy McClave

Using The Toilet

If someone is at my home and they need to piss
Whether they are a mister or a miss,
Maybe it's my father or my mother or my brother or sis
To allow them to use my toilet, I will not ever dismiss.
Whether they stand up or if they need to squat
When they need to go they will use either a toilet or a pot,
But, for me to go to another gender's toilet, I will not
The rules of decency and gender, I have not forgot.
If that urge ever hits anyone whether in a house or in a store
Or maybe during a battle or even in a war,
They need not run away and hide as they have swore
All they need to do, is lock the bathroom door.
Whether a person is wearing pants or a skirt or a dress
And that urge comes upon them which they cannot ignore or suppress,
To a toilet or any bathroom they should not be denied access
We should not see yellow streaks or puddles from a nervous distress.
If a female is sitting on a toilet inside a stall
Maybe she is at a store or at a restroom inside a mall,
Then she spies a muscular woman or hears a man's call
Isn't she protected by a locked door and the stall's wall.
I would hate to use the toilet if a female is on her period
I would hate to be in a bathroom if a person was having diarrhea,
If any man or woman don't like the transgender bathroom idea
Maybe they should carry urine buckets labeled either "Hank" or "Thea".
In nature all animals and beasts and insects are free
Even in the beginning when there was also only Adam and Eve,
There was never no doors or locks on any pond or bush or tree
People now just need to lock the door, when they need to pee.

Randy L. McClave

HarryPotter 10 February 2019

EXPECTO PECTRONUM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Randy Mcclave 11 February 2019

Thank you for reading my poem and thank you for your comment :) Randy

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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