Dang Xiong

(October 13th 1994 / USA)

Poems of Dang Xiong

1. A Helping Hand 5/11/2008
2. Believe 11/13/2008
3. Dreams 1/21/2009
4. Final Rest 10/8/2009
5. Fireworks 7/5/2008
6. Friendships 10/14/2008
7. Greed 11/18/2008
8. Nature 5/20/2008
9. Taken For Granted 5/30/2008
10. The One I Love 9/3/2009
11. Truth 11/13/2008

A Helping Hand

The Sun, it showers us in hope and light.
The Stars, they shine for us in the night.
The heat, it gives us warmth and dryness;
As the air gives us our liveliness.

The shouts, can give courage, yet, it can also give sorrow.
Schools, they can be tough, but they help us as we grow.
Life is very fragile, yet, it is a very precious part of us.
Death is a very sorrowful, and very disturbing role of life, usually, it impacts more than one of us.

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