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Jennifer Rothgordt

Poems of Jennifer Rothgordt

1. All Mighty Sky 1/18/2013
2. Amidst the Mist 1/24/2013
3. As She Hung Her Head 1/18/2013
4. Aura of Moon 1/26/2013
5. Live Every Minute! 1/19/2013
6. One Wonders 2/6/2013
7. She Will Be Free 1/26/2013
8. Sleep, my friend 1/13/2013
9. Stuck 1/15/2013
10. Through Life 2/20/2013

As She Hung Her Head

But I love him with all my heart, she said.
As she kneaded the dough to make his bread.
When he walked in the door at the end of the day.
The oven light is on is all he'd say.
As she hung her head.

She started a garden on a clear Spring day.
To keep the kids outside, out of his way.
A row of peas in a patch of dirt.

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