Min Sia

Min Sia Poems

1. I Am 1/12/2009
2. I Love You 11/13/2008
3. Autobiography 11/8/2008
4. Fear 11/16/2008
5. Journey Of Love 12/15/2008
6. Mask 12/12/2008
7. The Conversation 12/4/2008
8. Life For Death 11/24/2008
9. Delusion 12/15/2008
10. Facade 11/24/2008
11. Death 10/14/2008
12. Pauses 11/16/2008
13. Forgotten Peace 12/15/2008
14. Battlefield 12/16/2008
15. Empty 11/7/2008
16. My Lies 11/10/2008
17. My Suicide 10/17/2008
18. Picture Of You 10/13/2008
19. My Immortal 11/7/2008
20. Continuity 11/10/2008
21. Greenland Memory 11/8/2008
22. Once A Poet... 10/15/2008
23. Going Under 10/29/2008
24. Fallen 10/13/2008
25. My Unbreakable 10/14/2008
Best Poem of Min Sia

I Am

I am all but nothing
I am all but a shame
I am all but a lie
I am all but a prison
For those veins bursting all red
Yet bodies glowed and reined
Yet bodies have eaten the flesh of humankind
Sipping and sucking every wound aligned
Big, deep voices laughing aloud
Until those had closed their golden vault
To me that have cleansed their souls
To them I'm an acid to their bones

Frozen tails and spears have decided
Summoning the only name that should not be uttered
They began running to four corners
Of the world of fires and sirens
Bushes and ...

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Free my hand
let me feel this ground
I'll fly with one wing
and swim through my blood.

I'll hold my breath
for they are waiting.
Faces haunting.
I'll rise to meet the end.


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