Mohabeer Beeharry

Veteran Poet - 1,714 Points [Benny] (23 November 1937 / Mauritius)

Mohabeer Beeharry Poems

1. Where Is The Difference? 7/27/2013
2. I Am No Bubble On A Vagrant Wave 7/27/2013
3. The Robin 7/29/2013
4. The Tastes Of Despair 7/30/2013
5. The Man And The Violin 7/30/2013
6. Oh God Why... 7/31/2013
7. The Bird And The Man 7/27/2013
8. The Poet's Land 8/9/2013
9. What Shall I Offer 8/12/2013
10. I Want You To Forget 8/18/2013
11. In The Heart Of Tears 8/30/2013
12. The Knowers Of Wisdom 5/4/2014
13. Actions And Reactions 5/5/2014
14. Look Back 6/2/2015
15. Setting The Mind Free 6/17/2015
16. Awakening 6/17/2015
17. Know Yourself 6/19/2015
18. A Sad Parting 6/22/2015
19. A Dream Of The Lost Past 6/24/2015
20. Wake Up! 5/2/2016
21. Life's Enigma 5/5/2016
22. Have Me If You Can! 5/9/2016
23. Hope Will Survive 5/11/2016
24. The Old Woman 5/13/2016
25. He Is Always Passing By. 5/15/2016
26. Mystery 5/16/2016
27. Fake Heavens 5/18/2016
28. The Lost Song 6/28/2015
29. The Death Of A Man 6/29/2015
30. The Place Where I Was Born 7/1/2015
31. Believe 7/6/2015
32. The Frozen Rose Bud 5/1/2016
33. Come With Me 5/21/2016
34. Wait! 6/23/2016
35. I Am The Watcher 5/25/2016
36. Old Age 6/1/2016
37. Wild Laughter 5/1/2016
38. This Life Is For Real 7/4/2015
39. The Old Fisherman 6/26/2015
40. What If.... 6/17/2015
Best Poem of Mohabeer Beeharry

He Was Born Free

He was born free a long time ago
When his mind and body were young.
He loved the village lanes
And the busy market towns.
He loved the river walks, the trees and the wild lakes,
The secret haunts of the mountains.
There he created dreams and destroyed them in thousands.
There it was where his dreams grew wings;
Like the frolicsome morning shadows,
He raced the breeze to the foot of the hills.
He flew to the gilt land of moonbeams
And bathed in the mellow lakes of sunshine.
There he rode the fast wind horses to the clouds,
Free from prejudices and ...

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Life Eternal

What do I care if mountains topple and rivers flood!
This body falls and disintegrates!
I was not intended to last for a day.
I was here before the planets,
The mountains, the rivers and the waterfalls!
Before the first flower that ever bloomed.
I have seen many a day rise, their sheen,
Like the will- o'-the-wisp, disappeared into the dark nights of hopelessness;
Rivers swallowed by the thirsty cradles of the parched earth.

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