Mohabeer Beeharry

Freshman - 504 Points [Benny] (23 November 1937 / Mauritius)

Mohabeer Beeharry Poems

1. In The Wilderness 7/27/2013
2. Forget Me 7/27/2013
3. Remembering Renuka 7/27/2013
4. Where Is The Difference? 7/27/2013
5. I Am No Bubble On A Vagrant Wave 7/27/2013
6. I Waited... 7/28/2013
7. The Bird And The Man 7/27/2013
8. The Robin 7/29/2013
9. The Tastes Of Despair 7/30/2013
10. The Man And The Violin 7/30/2013
11. Oh God Why... 7/31/2013
12. The Poet's Land 8/9/2013
13. What Shall I Offer 8/12/2013
14. I Want You To Forget 8/18/2013
15. In The Heart Of Tears 8/30/2013
16. Actions And Reactions 5/5/2014
17. Look Back 6/2/2015
18. Setting The Mind Free 6/17/2015
19. Awakening 6/17/2015
20. Know Yourself 6/19/2015
21. A Sad Parting -new- 6/22/2015
22. A Dream Of The Lost Past -new- 6/24/2015
23. The Lost Song -new- 6/28/2015
24. The Death Of A Man -new- 6/29/2015
25. The Place Where I Was Born -new- 7/1/2015
26. This Life Is For Real -new- 7/4/2015
27. Believe -new- 7/6/2015
28. I Celebrate 7/27/2013
29. Remembering The Indian Ocean Tsunami 7/27/2013
30. Life Eternal 7/26/2013
31. In Search Of The Truth 7/26/2013
32. The Night Visit 8/11/2013
33. I Know What You Look Like 8/11/2013
34. A New Grace 8/14/2013
35. The Begging Bowl 8/9/2013
36. What Can I Ask? 8/12/2013
37. The Old Fisherman -new- 6/26/2015
38. What If.... 6/17/2015
39. Glory To Thee Oh Mind 6/17/2015
40. A Prayer 5/10/2014
Best Poem of Mohabeer Beeharry

The Flower Of Your Heart

I brought a flower to him.
The wise old man shook his head.
Child, he said
I made the trees and the flowers;
I made the sun that gives warmth,
I made the rains that water the trees
That give flowers and fruits.
These I have given to you,
And you bring them back to me?
Give me something that I do not have,
That I cannot create myself:
Your love, your faith, your sincerity.
I want the flowers of your heart.
These I do not have.
On these I live.
For these I come again and again
Knocking at your door like a mendicant
Accepting tortures ...

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Life Eternal

What do I care if mountains topple and rivers flood!
This body falls and disintegrates!
I was not intended to last for a day.
I was here before the planets,
The mountains, the rivers and the waterfalls!
Before the first flower that ever bloomed.
I have seen many a day rise, their sheen,
Like the will- o'-the-wisp, disappeared into the dark nights of hopelessness;
Rivers swallowed by the thirsty cradles of the parched earth.

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