Rekha Mandagere

Magical Words - Poem by Rekha Mandagere

Sweet words shower heavenly happiness
Bitter words can only fill our heart, sadness
If Great words inspire you towards boldness
Ungrateful words merely spread soul’s sickness

Oh! My Spirit, why have you made me helpless?
Don’t you repent once watching me speechless?
Have I ever wished your gifts limitless?
Never! I only longed for endless heartfelt words.

If hi, sorry, thanks can make one smile
Do you prefer hiding me from your profile?
Stop not harvesting the garden of life fertile
Always stay with me by your encouraging words!

Comments about Magical Words by Rekha Mandagere

  • Elena Sandu Elena Sandu (5/10/2012 6:17:00 PM)

    What a wonderful poem, not only nicely written but greatest teaching, very true, such simple words like hi, sorry, thanks can do the math and open the magic curtain of most beautiful sight: sweet Smile! Thank you, you made my day! (Report) Reply

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  • Poetic Heir (2/11/2012 7:27:00 PM)

    A very beautiful poem. Full of wisdom. Well done. (Report) Reply

  • Priya Gupta (1/13/2012 6:51:00 AM)

    nice one.......................... (Report) Reply

  • Heyyou Boy (1/9/2012 6:45:00 PM)

    I like this poem it has the same meaning and intent as my poem. I think the title is With Hope. (Report) Reply

  • Neetha Sasidharan Neetha Sasidharan (12/31/2011 10:06:00 PM)

    grt rhyming set.......
    grt poem.......
    grt theme - evry working mom's despair (Report) Reply

  • Terence George Craddock (9/19/2011 8:24:00 PM)

    I have written a poem in response to your poem 'MAGICAL WORDS' Rekha. It is quite long so I will only briefly quote from it below
    We 'create our world realities, we bless with smiles, radiant with shimmering, life goodwill or we curse; with anger, greed, pride, selfishness, thoughtlessness; choose words to nurture to bless or embrace silences'

    As you bless us with your words Rekha,
    so I will receive your words,
    and respond with blessings of appreciation. Your friend Terence. (Report) Reply

  • Louis Cecile Louis Cecile (7/18/2011 12:41:00 PM)

    I like the way you poems have that cascading effect. They end well and this piece expresses much wisdom for a lesson for all to think about. (Report) Reply

  • Mohamed Ali (5/11/2011 8:07:00 AM)

    Its like a nicely wrapped present filled with your heartfelt words. Wonderfull poetic style. Spreading words of wisdom makes one think about life from different angles, its a poet´s mission. (Report) Reply

  • Cristina Teodor Cristina Teodor (5/4/2011 9:46:00 AM)

    The life, the world speed around words, magical words. You pointed the importance of words to our life that gives us happiness or sadness, boldness or sickness..Cristina Teodor (Report) Reply

  • Bernard Snyder Bernard Snyder (4/18/2011 10:05:00 PM)

    Simply beautiful! Well done Rekha! (Report) Reply

  • Vinod Kumar (3/29/2011 2:17:00 AM)

    Meaningful words of the present, all are depends words and measured it but beyond the words eyes can interact a lot that is coming from the mind so why false words, thanks a lot....10+ (Report) Reply

  • Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar (3/29/2011 1:09:00 AM)

    soothing words are the guiding spirit. marks 10 (Report) Reply

  • Edward Kofi Louis Edward Kofi Louis (3/28/2011 4:21:00 AM)

    Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    E.K.L. (Report) Reply

  • Marcus Mckinley Marcus Mckinley (3/26/2011 11:29:00 PM)

    it is not only the presence of words that inspires, admires, believes and decieves but also the absence of words that motivates all emotions. nicely written (Report) Reply

  • Saju Abraham (3/21/2011 10:54:00 AM)

    The impact words have on people is often not reflected by us as we are too preoccupied with ourselves. Thanks for writing this wonderful piece to remind us all of that. I especially like the rhyme in your work. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • Jenny Gordon (3/20/2011 10:16:00 PM)

    Fascinating reflection and exhoration, categorizing the words as sweet/bitter, great/ungrateful, encouraging/heartfelt, a plea for healing words and attitudes, with a tinge of accusation, reproving and calling for truth of sorts. Very interesting. A fairly good contemplation. As God's living Word truly says, Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof; as well as, by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. A very serious reflection. Words are indeed very crucial and so powerful. (Report) Reply

  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (3/20/2011 3:07:00 AM)

    Magical words can touch soul deeper with more than sharp sword..A lovely heart in this poem touch mine like a lullaby of a mother to a child...U singing without a sound but the rhythm comes around make smile waking up the whole towns... Magical words, the touch that expensive but affordable...nice writing ma-Unwritten Soul (Report) Reply

  • Santosh Sharma (3/20/2011 12:23:00 AM)

    Yes, it is the words which makes a lot of difference in every one's life, bitter words not hurt the listener but shows the poison inside's the heart of speaker. Very nice poem practical and encouraging source of life. (Report) Reply

  • Pranab K Chakraborty Pranab K Chakraborty (3/19/2011 6:26:00 AM)

    Do you send this writing 2nd times in PH? If not, I have read this poem here in PH before. May be any other poet composed it before you know not, may be a different change were there, but exactly same in approach and expression. Please review your memory.

    pranab (Report) Reply

  • Dave Dafes Dave Dafes (3/19/2011 5:05:00 AM)

    This poem emphasize the potency of words. Magical Words are like seven arrows in the heart, great words heal while ungrateful words poison the heart... Beautiful poem, very thoughtfully written... (Report) Reply

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