Tara Nugent

(24/01/70 / Belfast)

Poems of Tara Nugent

1. Father's Day 6/15/2013
2. Fresher Frustration 10/17/2008
3. Has time run out.... 10/24/2009
4. Missing You 6/5/2010
5. My Warrior 12/29/2008
6. Strength 12/29/2008
7. The Illusion of Progress 5/29/2010
8. Time is of the essence. 10/10/2009
9. Untrustworthy Heart 10/28/2009

Fresher Frustration

Rushing from bus to class,
Eyes pried open in apparent attention,
Hurried scrawls of two sets of notes...
Always one mate who hasn't turned up!

Next donning white coats for practical session,
Pavlov reaction dictates frustration sets in,
Identify this, identify that...
Never a clue as to what we are looking for!

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