Oliver Wendell Holmes Celebration Poems

For The Moore Centennial Celebration


ENCHANTER of Erin, whose magic has bound us,
Thy wand for one moment we fondly would claim,

Semi-Centennial Celebration Of The New England Society

NEW ENGLAND, we love thee; no time can erase
From the hearts of thy children the smile on thy face.

American Academy Centennial Celebration

SIRE, son, and grandson; so the century glides;
Three lives, three strides, three foot-prints in the sand;

For The Burns Centennial Celebration

His birthday.--Nay, we need not speak
The name each heart is beating,--
Each glistening eye and flushing cheek

NOT with the anguish of hearts that are breaking
Come we as mourners to weep for our dead;
Grief in our breasts has grown weary of aching,

A Song. For The Centennial Celebration Of Harvard College

When the Puritans came over
Our hills and swamps to clear,
The woods were full of catamounts,
And Indians red as deer,

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