Best Poets of Classics

Quite simply, I love to write. An even greater passion is reading, as important as breathing. I've probably worked at least 150 jobs during the course of my life thus far; I'd have to say radio deejay was probably my favorite (I'm told daily I have a radio voice) . Fry cook proves to be my least favorite, or perhaps dishwasher. I have a beautiful puppy named Magnus; he keeps me honest with play. Every day can prove to be an active adventure if I allow events to unfold without dour speculation.

I've been lucky to live in Wisconsin most of my life, with a few years devoted to Nevada in there for good measure. I love meeting new people in social situations, yet also love quiet contemplation sprawled with my dog reading a good book. I'm technologically sharp but not a slave to the microcircuits. My interest in popular music proves ravenous; I'm constantly looking for new music to bump in the house. I'm fortunate to have a tight group of vital friends who look out for me, and vice versa.

I'm working to inspire with poetry, prose and other written or spoken works. I believe in several business ideas rattling in my head and look forward to launching them. I'm divorced but not bitter about it in the slightest.

I'm skilled at writing, mathematics, computer use and repair, website design, being a friend, recognizing bull within the mass media, political advancement and study, philosophical debate. I take pride in being a clown: sometimes pretending to be completely sloshed a..
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