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Debi Roy (Bengali: দেবী রায়; family name Haradhan Dhara) is one of the few pioneer poet of Bengali literary world, who have contributed much more. He is also the first modern Dalit poet in Bengali and one of the founding fathers of the Hungry Generation movement in Bengali literature. He has been renowned mostly as poet, and then as translator, writer, essayest critic and editor.

Birth and Education

Debi Roy was born on 21st November, 1938 in Howrah, West Bengal India. He was born in a very poor family and worked as an errand boy in tea stalls of Calcutta when his parents lived in a slum in Howrah. He funded his own education and became a graduate of Calcutta University. From his very childhood, he had established his natural talents on poetry.

Hungry Generation Movement

He was pioneer of the hungry generation Literary Movement in 60's and as editor of its bulletin. Debi Roy met Malay Roy Choudhury in an office of a literary periodical in 1960 and the two of them, after discussions with Shakti Chattopadhyay and Samir Roychoudhury launched the now famous Hungryalist movement in November 1961. His Howrah slum-room was the editorial office from where the Hungryalist Bulletins and Hungryalist Manifestoes were published. Along with ten other Hungryalists, Debi Roy was also arrested in 1964 on charges of obscenity in poetry though the trial court exonerated him.

Literary Works

He used to pen the literary page of “Sanibarer Chithi”..
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