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Niko was born Nikolaos Savvas Tiliopoulos on Tuesday 15 July 1969 at 6: 00 a.m., in the harbour city of Volos, on the central east coast of Greece. Coincidentally, his birthplace was also that of the Centaurs, Achilles, Jason, and Aeolus, the hanging out place of Aristotle, and the starting point of the Argonaut expedition. Niko, unfortunately or luckily perhaps, bears no resemblance to any of these ancient or mythical entities or events.

Niko started writing poetry since he could hold a pen, although his first attempts were, naturally, incomprehensible, as it would still be some time before he could write in proper words. Anyway, time went by, and Niko kept on writing poems and extending his creativity to stories, lyrics, songs, and symphonic music. One day, he won the first prize in the 1996 National Greek Poetry Competition, while the following year, he was short-listed for the National Greek Literature Prize (to this day, he still believes both distinctions were errors of judgement) .

By then, however, he had realised there were no employment benefits or money in poetry, or at least, in his poetry, so he shifted his attention to science, and went on to acquire a PhD (and some other non-rhyming titles, like BSc, MRes, and CSci in the psychopathology of faith (!) from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

After many (unnecessary for some, including his mum) adventures in “exotic” lands and some naughty research in the Netherlands and Indonesia (and some 'qu..
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