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Isaac McLellan (21 May 1806-20 August 1899) was an author and poet, some of whose work has achieved notability by republication in anthologies.

Isaac McLellan was born on 21 May, 1806 in Portland, Maine, the home town of his life-long friends, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Parker Willis.

In early life, his father, Isaac McLellan, moved to Boston, where for many years he was a prominent merchant, distinguished for his integrity and success in business.Willis' parents also moved to Boston, and Willis and McLellan were schooled together at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. McLellan went on to Bowdoin College, where he was in the next class to Longfellow, Hawthorne, Cheever, and other distinguished writers.

Boston life

In 1826, he returned to Boston, completed a course of legal study, and was admitted to practice in the courts of that city. But literature had more charms for him than clients and briefs, and for many years he contributed, both in prose and poetry, to several magazines and papers published in the city and vicinity, and had the editorial management of two or three of them, including the Daily Patriot, the Daily Advertiser and the Weekly Pearl, formerly published by Isaac Pray. McLellan was in almost daily intercourse with Willis, at that time editor of the Boston Monthly Magazine, which took his contributions, as did the New England Magazine. In this period he wrote three well received volumes of poems, which were published by Allen &..
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