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Most of the people that know me call me and know me by Jesse Tampa, so naturally that's my pen name. Why do I write poetry? It's what I do. I have a talent somewhere. I didn't teach myself to write. When I was in 3rd grade, I failed the F-CAT writes, and I'm pretty sure it was because I mentioned God in my essay. I got a 1.5 and almost had to do the 3rd grade all over again. If it wasn't for summer school, my eggs and bacon would have been toast! I went to summer school and I re-took the F-CAT writes after 3 weeks or so of being taught how to write a good essay. I was very happy that because of summer school I was able to pass and not fail 3rd grade. I took that test and I got a 3 on it. I passed 3rd grade and was able to continue on my path in life. My failure on the F-CAT writes is what inspired me and pushed me to be a better writer in the long run. To ask, 'Jesse, if you had passed that test the first time around, would being such a good writer be so important to you? ' The answer is no. If I had passed the first time, I wouldn't care so much about my writing. It is an emotional and sentimental thing. So now when I write, I want to make sure that it is the best it can possibly be, and if it isn't, I try to make it better. I strive to achieve and I have a need to succeed. My failure is what brought this out in me. I wasn't very big on poetry until 2004, and honestly most of my work is written. What I have posted so far is my latest and newest works, if I feel like it, I w..