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Abdul Kayyum Mulla was born in Bijapur city of Karnataka, India, now he is studying in 9th standard in Inshal School, he has practiced about poems still he practicing he was starting to write poems when he was in 5th standard.
His sir also a poet.He was seeing his sir, and writing
poems, at that time he was not writing good poems, his sir is encouraging him to write poem, he has topper of his school.

He spends his more time for serving of parents, from his poems he want to advice to the people, should do hard work show humanity, and have to live with humility
God has give him a lot of knowledge.

He also becoming a Hafiz in their religion a Holy book is there who have by-heart.That person will be called as a Hafiz.His elder brother helped him to submit poems on Poem Hunter, I thank to my elder for his support and also my father, mother, brother, sisters, and one teacher, and sir.
My dad is telling me, to gain a lot of things.What thing do you want about knowledge, you ask I will give.A poet was born, not made
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