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I was born in San Francisco Sep.21,1949 and raised in Santa Rosa, California. I studied at Brigham Young University, served in Bolivia from the years 1968-1970 as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I took a study abroad tour of the Holy Land in 1976, studied on site, had some wonderful experiences and met some awesome people there. I was commissioned to teach English in Bolivia in February of 2000. In October of that year I met my future wife, Cecilia; we were married in April of 2001. We built a home in Cochabamba, Bolivia where we planned to stay, but with the political unrest it became unsafe for us to stay there. We returned to the U.S. in August 2005. I have 5 children, altogether. I was exposed to music early in my life as my father played the guitar and sang professionally. I started playing the guitar and singing in 1965. I recorded a record in Bolivia in 1970 in Spanish and later in 1980 recorded an album of original songs. Have sung on radio and in various live performances. I suffered a serious auto accident in 1987, was paralyzed for 3 weeks, upon waking I had sustained a closed head injury, had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat all over again, then struggled to reclaim all lost talents and abilities: guitar, singing, and writing etc. Have written poems, articles, and short stories in both English and Spanish. My most enjoyable pastime is spending time with my wonderful wife, enjoying the peace and calm spirit in my home, and most..