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Http: //DerekAudette.OttawaArts.Com

From the liner notes of 'Alive In The House Of The Monkey King', Published by GatorDawg Promotions:

Derek R. Audette has been called one of Canada’s most promising and potentially important young artists. He was born in Hull, Quebec Canada to a French Canadian father and English Canadian mother in June of 1971. Throughout his entire life he has lived either in the city of Ottawa, Ontario or somewhere within the surrounding rural area. He is an accomplished musician and his work as a painter in abstract styles; photographer, and a maker of short films have also achieved recognition. Alive In The House Of The Monkey King is Derek R. Audette’s second published book and his first published collection of poetry. He currently resides within the city of Ottawa with his wife Anna, where he practices all forms of his art and maintains a personal web page located at: Http: //DerekAudette.OttawaArts.Com, where more information regarding the artist and his work may be found.
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