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Anja Kampmann was born in Hamburg in 1983. She studied at the University of Hamburg and at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig. Beside her work for radio broadcasting she wrote papers about musicality and silence in the late work of Samuel Becket. She published in several anthologies and magazines i.a. Akzente, Neue Rundschau, Wespennest and Jahrbuch der Lyrik. She was awarded with the MDR Literaturpreis in 2013 followed by the Wolfgang Weyrauch-Förderpreis at the Literarischer März in Darmstadt in 2015. The Jury described her poetical practice as “revealing not only historical but also political layers. In `regions where fear does not speak its name
but is present´ speaking becomes a crossing of borders between the descriptive and the indescriptive and between space and time. Lines of the horizon, edges and fences build the structure of an uncertain region that flees definiteness in its articulation despite precise description.”
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