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From the age of twelve (after hearing of King Solomon youthful desire for Wisdom) , I determined to seek out and find Wisdom compass and clichés or sayings of the Wise. Solomon, whom I later discovered to be my Gggggggg-great-ancestor, wrote: ‘He [that is God~] set a compass [circle] upon the face of the deep or plenum.' Personally ascribed as one who hits straight-to-heart issue of what matters most. Excellence is all I aspire to claim. I'd say my poetry style resembles a Rainbow than any thing else. If you find a style, which you like most likely there’s not be another, for each is uniquely varied in style and form. I haven’t studied poetry but an author of Poetry books once told me that I had developed my own style. Perhaps if anyone can tell me what style that is~ I would be so grateful. With over five hundred poems on the net and now would like to share the more favoured ones. PEACE~, Love, and joy~; enjoy! Warm regards, ~*Milly M. Hunter*~ Homepage URL: http: //www.genebase.com/user/HistoryQuill 'Accept faith as it is- 'naked.' Wait all your life for the God who is always coming, and who does not show Himself to satisfy your curiosity, but unveils Himself before your faithfulness and your humility.' 'Art requires philosophy, just as philosophy requires art. Otherwise, what would become of beauty? ' ~ Paul Gauguin It’s said that ambition (or promotion) is the last refuge of failure; which is probably why many don’t excel, but rather endeavour to..
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