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Raised in the haven of beauty and music, I passed my childhood, the days of wondrous curiosity, in a small village, Bhatiot – a mystical land of Shah Fateh Noor Bokhari. In the sweet summer nights, it was my dearest pastime to sit aloof gazing at the moon trailing behind the fleecy clouds. The beauty and mystery of the sky, flushed with brightness, developed in me a pensive mind. During long winter night muffled in mysterious silence, the whistling wind passing through the recesses of window and the symphony of raindrops falling on the roof-top in the quiet night gave new hues to my imagination. In the valley of fauna and flora, I heard the songs of the birds, the whisper of cool breeze, playing with grassy fields and the blissful solitude in hot summer mountains taught me how to hear the unheard sounds of the nature. Dreams, the greatest gift of heaven, provided me the soothing pleasure by taking my soul to the inscrutable lands of beauty and wonder. The ideas descending in the realm of dreams, completely possessing, powerfully urged me to commit them to writing. Most of my poems are the creation of my dreams. Hopefully, my poems will provide food stuff to those who have tasted the flavour of ambrosia.
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