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Six Places - A Collection of Six Poems - Volume One is an intimate portrait of separation and confrontational self awareness. This is a poetry art book; included are colorful illustrations and digital images composed by the author. Also included are the fine art photography works of Michel Demanche, complimenting the poetry and bringing this published work to a new level of artistry. This is a hard-to-find item. Written in 2006/Published in 2007, re-released in 2008 with Michel Demanche I have been keeping a journal since a very young age which has evolved into writing poetry. I organize my personal life so that writing and creating is part of my daily life. I am inspired foremost by music, film, romance, loneliness, and the dark arts. When I imagine vivid images in my mind, I am motivated to write about it. During the creative process when I paint or draw a picture - I am ignited to write. Some of my major influences are Lourdes Pena Goco - my mom, Robert Henri, Lotte Lehmann, Betty Edwards.

Six Places - A Collection of Six Poems - Volume One (Six untitled poems) is now also available as an audio poetry book, beautifully mastered in dolby stereo. A narrative recital of the Six Places poems accompanied in music by Kevin Macleod. This storylike collection of poems is a serenata of song that will ritually perform for the listener. Other poems available here are also featured in audio and anthology publications(Beautiful Poem, Key to Cease, Nev..