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José Manuel Arango studied philosophy and education, and became master in philosophy and literature in the University of West Virginia, U.S.A. He was a professor of symbolic logic in the Universidad de Antioquia and founder, with other poets, of two literary reviews.

Let the voice of the poet tells us about his experience with words: “Maybe the poem is born of the exploration of a shared circumstance, or as an answer to a personal, painful or happy, experience. A few words that will be a reflection, not only of the intellect, but of the human being all flesh and blood. Behind them there will be, of course, all that is called a vision of the world: political and religious convictions, things learned or lessons learned from experience. From there one talks and one values, perhaps doubting, perhaps blundering. From there one tries to distinguish true from false in emotions and in words, to see the difference between that which is honest and that which is fictitious, rhetorical or sentimental.
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