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'I don't think I can ever stop writing poetry now that I've started. It's as therapeutic for me as it is enjoyable! ' ~Nika

Hello, I'm Nika McGuin. I feel like I was born a poet(though rest assured, I feel like becoming a great poet is a life-long ordeal.) Even when I didn't know what poetry was I enjoyed scribbling in my diary as a kid. Much of what I wrote verged on prose unbeknowst to me.

I attempted poetry in middle school but back then I didn't know that poetry was so much more than rhyming. Not to mention my handwriting was so bad nobody could understand it anyway(lol) . Eventually I gave up because it seemed like I wasn't very good at it.

Near the end of 2013 I took a modern poetry class out of curiosity and it has changed my perspective of poetry completely. Now I seek to write poetry as a lifelong hobby.

At the moment, I enjoy a lot of creative freedom with my poetry. I haven't had any classical training in poetry writing, but in a way I like that. I don't feel like I'm being bossed around by the words or by structure(though I do give great consideration to both.)

Hopefully as I continue on I'll improve. Maybe one day I'll even publish a book of poems. Until then, please read, rate, and comment on my poetry ^^
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