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I started to experiment with poetry in 2009. I was living in the outskirts of Atlanta. Depressed, lonely, and extremely suicidal poetry gave me something that I always wanted and needed... Expression! I was born on January 16,1994 in Memphis. I'm of African, French, Italian, & Native American descent to name the more prominent. As well as Colombian & Irish. I was raised for the most part in Chicago by a single mother. Along with me, my sister, and mother we moved around very often. More than likely living with particularly negative family or friends. Just hoping for a better life somewhere, but now life is getting better. I'm living in Los Angeles with my mother and sister. Working to better my life and that of the people I love. While also showing every person who reads my poetry that the feelings you feel are no different than what a thousand others feel maybe more. See, because in my eyes one of the greatest tricks the Devil ever pulled was making us all believe that were a black sheep. Through words though and creativity period we show all our follow man that we're the same.
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