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I am a student who like to read and write poems...I started writting poems when I was in grade 7...I finished my grade 12 in 2011.I wont stop until my voice is heard.I am a poor little man from semi rural area. I like to help others in different way. I believe in God, I follow the church Nazareth Baptize Church original from South Africa. I was born under splitted family, I've been struggling to be who I am today. The dificulties I've grow in had thought me so many things. I have experienced so much truama but I am strong enough to face all the challenges.I love my mother she loves me a lots, she gave me real love although she cant afford to do things for me but the love she is giving me I am satisfied. I am engaged in different community organisations and I've been in a local radio station Imbokodo Fm.Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini(me) is apoet who was inspired by his writing skills of frictional text and poetical views he is an unpublished writer sinking and working on publishing a book of poetry and short stories, recently he is still studying b.ed in University of Kwazulu Natal. Poetry runs through his veins cant help ignorant keeping on writing until he has been heard and being noticed. Being a writer is not something for making money it is the way of forwarding the message through text that comes from deep down the soul to motivates the world.I am sometimes selfish because I believe that's being considerable every time can make you forget about your destiny and found ..
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