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Cecelia Weir was born into this realm for this purpose; March 19th,1955, in Kennedy, Alabama.

American Published Author, Singer, Musician, Song Writer, Orator, Composer, Recording Artist, TV and Radio Commercial Artist and Philanthropist.

Born to a single Mother; Cecelia was blessed with a voice for singing and the gift of playing piano. With faith in God she joined the New Grove Baptist Church and was baptized at age 5. Her Grandmother and Aunts ability to play piano influenced Cecelia to study music. Being taught in the Concert and Marching bands while attending high school and later attending Springer's Music Studio gave Cecelia the satisfaction of her hearts desire to play piano, flute and guitar. Cecelia has served as a musician for over 62 years of her life. She trained church choirs and played piano in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. She prides herself in being former church Minister of Music for over 20 years, and only missing two Sundays. Which the church was closed due to inclement weather. And she still says, 'I'm Not Tired, Yet'.

Her studies include; Penn Foster College, Ambassadors Bible College, American Detective Institute, National Baptist Institute and etc.

As a Poet, Musician, Community Worker and Sworn Officer of the Law; Cecelia Weir has received countless awards and certificates which includes the Shakespearean Award, Pulitzer Prize Nomination, Who's Who Worldwide and several Editors Choice Awards. Cecelia wa..
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