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An Egyptian poet and architect. Born in Cairo, September 18, 1964. After her graduation 1987 as an architect, at Faculty of engineering, Ein Shams University-Cairo, she worked in her field at (Sabour Consultants) for ten years, then she left her job deciding to devote all her time for literature. She has ten books so far: five poetic collections, four translated anthologies from English, and one one book in criticism. She won the prize of "Arabic poetry 2006" competition in Hong Kong, via the site "Arabic Nadwa" in Hong Kong on her manuscript of the fifth poetic collection "A bottle of Glue", which has been published in one anthology in Chinese and English edition in Jan.2007. And has participated in both of: Moutanabbi International Poetic Festival in Zurich & the international Poetry Festival in Rotterdam in June 2007. • A working member of Egypt Writers' Union. • A member of Arab Union for Internet Writers. • A member of "Poets of the World". • A member of Egypt Engineering Syndicate. • A member in L' Atelier du Caire. • A member in Egyptian Women Writers Union. • A member in Poetas del Mundo. She is the editor- manger for “Qaws Qazah“, (Rain Bow), a literal cultural seasonal magazine. She has published till now ten books: five poetic collections, and four translated anthologies, in addition to one book in criticism. Poetic collections: - “Finger's Pat” 2001 published in Egypt. - “One Centimeter Away From the Ground”- 2 editions- 2002 Egypt - “A Longitudin..