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My name is Donna Lisa
I was born in sixty eight
All the people born that year
They say are really great

Very clever people
In lots of kinds of ways
People tend to listen to us
And hear what one does say

I'm pretty good at writing
But I cannot do maths
When I get a sum wrong
That's when people get they're laughs

I'm not an ugly person
But I ain't no beauty queen
I'm always doing housework
So it's very rare I'm clean

I try to keep my hair nice
I do the best I can
When it's full and greasy
" Well" I just look like a man

You won't see me in dresses
Dresses aren't my scene
It's normally just black leggings
But most of all it's Jean's

I'm also not a shoe person
I like to wear my boots
But that is when I go out
When I dare to leave my root's

Today my hair is greasy and dull
It matches with my face
I am very boring
I do like my own space

I'm 48 years young
But nobody can tell
Well what I think about my age
Is I wear it pretty well xx

Love to write, still learning and happy to be here xx

I love to write poetry, I have been writing from a young age, and would like to learn more from this site, thank-you for having me xx? ?
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