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Born in a beautiful island named Quisqueya or Hispaniola and from Italian and Spanish parents and coming to America very young with a goal, mainly, to succeed in life and be happy. I have worked very hard and gone to school to better myself...Fully aware of who I am, finished school and still working very hard. I have gone out of my way to make other people happy, however, I haven't be so lucky to find somebody to accept the way I am....just a human being-not perfect-but a caring human with feelings and love to share....As a citizen of the world, there is not race, color, or religious beliefs that would stop me from searching for happiness....I love and write for the sake of my soul...I freely express my feelings to this vast universe...Only the mighty God knows what I have been going through....and whenever is the time for me to depart forever...let it be, , there is only one life to live...Going away being happy that I leave my own legacy behind for others humans to learn from my poems. I have become through times passed that I am a man with a Vision and a clear mission: 'To spread my message of Love an Peace throughout the World and if my poetry can touch a single soul in the World, then I would gladly die leaving my clear footprints behind! Romeo-New York City
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