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born in 1946 this writer aged within an accounted marker he loved to fancy up even though he lived in the slums of freelance oregon he never left or ever was in another city but in 1998 wilkins driver disapeared and i his distant relative has found all of his writings that were in his abondoned cabin and im gonna post them all on this page when i have time because i dont know if hes alive anymore. he never had kids but he had a wife for 2 years she died in late 97 i guess she used to complain about his alcoholism alot. he never actually did anything after he retired he mostly sat in his cabin alone writing about whatever came to mind i guess i dont really know anything else about him i only met him one time when i was six my mom told me that we needed to visit a family member. from what i remember he was sitting in a chair drinking and talking about somebody he knew. he only talked to me once and he told me to sit in front of him and look into his eyes he asked if they were empty i didnt answer i was scared and ran away. afterwards my mom and dad were talking about how crazy he was and how they wished they didnt go i dont know ill let you read his writings cuz they interest me somehow.
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