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I'm a Canadian, a native Maritimer, born in Saint John, N.B. in 1943, currently residing in Embrun, Ontario, a rural farming community 23 miles east of Ottawa, the nation's capital. Throughout my life I've had a keen interest in matters spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, philosophical, scientific, and mechanical. Additionally, I've always been interested in reading, writing, and appreciating the beauty one finds in life be it evoked through relationships, nature, the arts, or the revelation of truth through dreams, contemplations or divine insights. Over the years I've had a number of poems flow through me which I have chosen to share the written version of through this site. Spiritually, I'm an Eckist, a follower of ECKANKAR's teachings [see Eckankar.org]. Life to me is an amazing experience, a voyage of eternal unfoldment, of infinitely growing one's awareness of both Self and God. I've also set up my own web-site, http: //we-r-1.info/, and invite you to check it out. Please note that as far as my poems are concerned, each is copyrighted with all rights reserved. A reader may make a copy of any poem for his/her use; Eckists may use these poems in the service of ECKANKAR; however, any commercial use of these poems, apart from service to ECKANKAR, requires my personal approval as do any translations, modifications, adaptations, video creations, adaptations, etc., etc.
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