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A Poet by heart, by mind and by talent.

Love Mother Nature and the Goodness of life.
Family and Art. Music and creation.

Approaching the positive in all what I do.

My Only regret not founded yet.

Created some poems and pushing some others. When I was Fifteen I created a diary full of poesy that was hidden by robbers then blocking my mind for a period of time.

Robber confessed me 30 years after releasing my talent and getting some action.

Since then I've created a lot of poems
to Love and Family. To gratitude and life.
Main Spirituality and sense of compassion.
Exploring my thoughts and splashing my memories.

Now, I've uploaded to Amazon my memories in Spanish 'El Padrecito by Zoila T. Flores'
And in English 'A Paradise to your Soul' by Zoila T. Flores.
You will see my soul and my mind working together to delight your poetic interest.

Don't hesitate to Like my poems and write a couple of lines with suggestions and ideas.

I'd love to be open minded to new comments.
Please visit me for more poems at:

https: //kdp.amazon.com/en_US/marketing/AHQEH0CE4A4/promotion-manager? ref_=kdp_BS_D_ta_pa
https: //kdp.amazon.com/en_US/marketing/G1D54XABBJ4/promotion-manager? ref_=kdp_BS_D_ta_pa

Thank You,

Zoila T. Flores
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