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You will find it interesting to reveal me....gradually.
I am an interesting animal....a bit civilized..a bit wild....
very much optimistic..but still lazy..most of the time
I feel sleepy and dreamy I do dream big and make them
true in my dream itself.....I believe in my virtual world...
I like to think about everything under the sun except
about ME....... I have made pals among the mountains
and loved the dancing waves....I talk to the little rain
drops about my affairs.....I invite the stars to my
community.....often challenge the sun and criticize
the moon...moan with the stinging winds of the
winter and.....mesmerized with the.....romantic proposals
of spring that thrills me. I am a sailor who don’t know
the destination nor the direction I just like to navigate
the whole sea of quest and queries.I have embarked
to see new sites and strangers throughout my voyage...
Sometime I feel I am the happiest man on the earth....
And sometime I feel so lonely like a lone star in the
whole galaxy......I do dissect your thinking, feeling
and dreams from distance. I love all animals with
a genial smile, original heart and powerful natural intelligence....
If you want to keep relations with me then be prepared
for the unexpected outcomes and behavior often from me......
But finally what I would like to say that I LOVE YOU my dear human being
with your natural instincts even more than me some time.....
If you will liste..
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