A. P. Herbert

(1890-1971 / Ashtead, Surrey)

A. P. Herbert Poems

121. A Change 1/28/2014
122. Oh, No, John . . . (The Budget) 1/28/2014
123. Buns For The Huns 1/28/2014
124. East Prussia 1/28/2014
125. Llord George 1/28/2014
126. 'Nice Kind Germans' 1/28/2014
127. Montgomery 1/29/2014
128. Beaucourt Revisited 1/29/2014
129. A 'Good' Budget 1/28/2014
130. The Buzz Bomb Boys 1/29/2014
131. Epitaph (For Arnhem) 1/29/2014
132. Model Prayer For Model Citizen 1/29/2014
133. The Ballad Of The 'Bluebell' 1/28/2014
134. To A Young Man 1/28/2014
135. St. Patrick's Day 1/28/2014
136. Woman Power 1/28/2014
137. 'Flaming June' 1/28/2014
138. The Doctor 1/29/2014
139. Go Slow 1/28/2014
140. Hitler's Birthday 1/28/2014
141. 'Salute The Soldier' 1/28/2014
142. At The Theatre: To The Lady Behind Me 1/29/2014
Best Poem of A. P. Herbert

At The Theatre: To The Lady Behind Me

Dear Madam, you have seen this play;
I never saw it till today.
You know the details of the plot,
But, let me tell you, I do not.
The author seeks to keep from me
The murderer's identity,
And you are not a friend of his
If you keep shouting who it is.
The actors in their funny way
Have several funny things to say,
But they do not amuse me more
If you have said them just before;
The merit of the drama lies,
I understand, in some surprise;
But the surprise must now be small
Since you have just foretold it all.
The lady you have brought with ...

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Why should the foe complain about his end
If this is how we amputate a friend?
No more let 'Munich' be a name to vex:
At least, for that, we did not blame the Czechs.
February 18, 1945

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