Alfred Austin

(30 May 1835 – 2 June 1913 / Headingley)

Alfred Austin Poems

81. The Wind Speaks 4/8/2010
82. The Passing Of Spring 4/8/2010
83. To Robert Louis Stevenson 4/8/2010
84. Could I But Leave Men Wiser By My Song 4/7/2010
85. Father, Farewell! Be Not Distressed 4/7/2010
86. Tis Because, Though In Dusky Bower 4/7/2010
87. Love’s Wisdom 4/8/2010
88. Off Mesolongi 4/8/2010
89. Gleaners Of Fame 4/8/2010
90. A Rare Guest 4/8/2010
91. Nocturnal Vigils 4/8/2010
92. John Everett Millais 4/8/2010
93. The Poet And The Muse 4/8/2010
94. At Her Grave 4/8/2010
95. Christmas,1870 4/8/2010
96. Sadder Than Lark When Lowering 4/7/2010
97. Florence 4/8/2010
98. Forgiveness 4/8/2010
99. Church—door Should Still Stand Open 4/8/2010
100. Dead! 4/8/2010
101. Poet’s Corner 4/8/2010
102. Too Late 4/8/2010
103. At The Lattice 4/8/2010
104. The Silent Muse 4/8/2010
105. Look Seaward, Sentinel! 4/8/2010
106. Because I Failed, Shall I Asperse The End 4/7/2010
107. Beyond The Pasture's Withered Bents 4/7/2010
108. Good-Night! 4/8/2010
109. The Owl And The Lark 4/8/2010
110. Sorrow’s Importunity 4/8/2010
111. Invocation 4/8/2010
112. A Royal Home-Coming 4/8/2010
113. Here Have I Learnt The Little That I Know 4/7/2010
114. Grata Juventas 4/8/2010
115. The Haymakers’ Song 4/8/2010
116. The Golden Year! 4/8/2010
117. Stafford Henry Northcote 4/8/2010
118. Lines Written On Visiting The Chateaux On The Loire 4/8/2010
119. When The Reaper Lays The Sickle By, 4/7/2010
120. Let Us Fly! 4/8/2010

Comments about Alfred Austin

  • P Nicol (6/10/2020 2:15:00 AM)

    I am trying to read " The Wreck of the Stella" by Alfred Austin Poet Laureate 1901

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  • Sofia Kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou (4/16/2016 2:22:00 AM)

    I agree with John Mahon. He is an excellent poet and vastly underrated for sure!

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  • John Mahon (7/9/2013 10:17:00 AM)

    Vastly underrated. One of my favorite poets. Consistently solid poetry with plenty of very deep, moving and powerful pieces. Has a way with words even better than most poets of his era.

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Best Poem of Alfred Austin

A Letter From Italy

Lately, when we wished good-bye
Underneath a gloomy sky,
``Bear,'' you said, ``my love in mind,
Leaving me not quite behind;
And across the mountains send
News and greeting to your friend.''

Swiftly though we did advance
Through the rich flat fields of France,
Still the eye grew tired to see
Patches of equality.
Nothing wanton, waste, or wild;
Women delving, lonely child
Tending cattle lank and lean;
Not a hedgerow to be seen,
Where the eglantine may ramble,
Or the vagrant unkempt bramble
Might its flowers upon you ...

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SHE wanders in the April woods,
That glisten with the fallen shower;
She leans her face against the buds,
She stops, she stoops, she plucks a flower.
She feels the ferment of the hour:
She broodeth when the ringdove broods;
The sun and flying clouds have power
Upon her cheek and changing moods.
She cannot think she is alone,