Anna Turtle

Anna Turtle Poems

1. Turtle 7/17/2006
2. The Last Vampire Kiss 7/21/2006
3. Cancer 7/26/2006
4. I Am The One. 9/21/2006
5. A Death In Rom 10/8/2006
6. Violet 1/31/2007
7. Time Stopped 7/16/2007
8. Under The Surface 7/26/2006
9. Unicorns 7/22/2006
10. The Headless Ghost 7/22/2006
11. A Siren Song 7/23/2006
12. If It Was 7/28/2006
13. Goodbye From A Vampire 2/3/2007
14. Vampire Night 7/17/2006
15. Monster Under My Bed. 1/31/2007
16. Scream Now 7/23/2006
17. A Graveyard Good Bye 7/22/2006
18. My Fear 2/6/2007
19. A Love So Wrong (Part 2) 7/30/2006
20. A Werewolf Howl 7/21/2006
21. Love, Sweet Sweet Love. 7/14/2006
22. A Love So Wrong. 7/17/2006
Best Poem of Anna Turtle

A Love So Wrong.

A kiss in the night,
Under the moon and stars,
Two persons in love,
One light one dark,

The man has wings,
Coming out of his back,
His hair is blond,
And his mind is kind,

The woman has fangs,
In her red lipped mouth,
She is dressed in black,
And her mind is dark,

A kiss in the night,
One angel,
One vampire,
A love so wrong.

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Vampire Night

The hunger is roaring,
Deep in my stomach,
It is calling for the drink,
That mortals calls blood.

I look in the mirror,
But it shows no face,
Only pictures on my wall,
Of my former victims.

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