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Anonymous Olde English Poems

121. Maiden In The Mor Lay 4/7/2010
122. Chevy-Chase 4/7/2010
123. The Beggar's Daughter Of Bednall-Green 4/7/2010
124. Cock Lorrelle's Bote 4/7/2010
125. Episode 40 1/1/2004
126. Inscription In St Cross Near Winchester, To John Newles, On A Brass Near The West Entrance Of The Church 4/7/2010
127. The Tale Of Gamelyn 4/7/2010
128. The Rising In The North 4/7/2010
129. Beowulf (Episode 19) 1/1/2004
130. Grendel 4/7/2010
131. The Legend Of King Arthur 4/7/2010
132. Our Lady's Song 4/7/2010
133. The Jolly Beggar Ii 4/7/2010
134. Spring-Tide 4/7/2010
135. Beowulf (Episode 22) 1/1/2004
136. Queen Eleanor's Confession 4/7/2010
137. Sir Lancelot Du Lake 4/7/2010
138. Richard Of Almaigne 4/7/2010
139. Earthquake In London 4/7/2010
140. Here Begynneth A Lyttell Treatyse Cleped La Conusaunce Damours 4/7/2010
141. Beowulf (Episode 11) 1/1/2004
142. Beowulf (Episode 06) 1/1/2004
143. Epitaph Of William Walworth 4/7/2010
144. My Heart Is High Above 4/7/2010
145. Beowulf (Episode 25) 1/1/2004
146. Beowulf (Episode 28-30) 1/1/2004
147. The Knight Of The Grail 4/7/2010
148. Beowulf (Episode 07) 1/1/2004
149. Leaulte Vault Richesse 4/7/2010
150. Mermaid I 4/7/2010
151. Edward The Confessor 4/7/2010
152. Glasgerion 4/7/2010
153. Guy And Amarant 4/7/2010
154. Sir Orfeo 4/7/2010
155. Johnny Armstrong 4/7/2010
156. The More Modern Ballad Of Chevy Chace 4/7/2010
157. A Song Bewailing The Time Of Christmas, So Much Decayed In England 4/7/2010
158. Balade In Praise Of Chaucer 4/7/2010
159. Appletrees 4/7/2010
160. Mermaid Song Iv 4/7/2010

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  • elle leb (1/29/2015 1:35:00 PM)

    His blood is so

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  • David Burger (2/3/2011 6:00:00 PM)

    How can anyone read this and not consider it an anti-Semitic diatribe? Does something so hateful really belong on this website? Wold it were it directed against say, a Black or a Hispanic or a Muslim? Shame on whoever allowed this poem on poemhunter.

Best Poem of Anonymous Olde English

Edward, Edward. A Scottish Ballad

MODERN TRANSLATION (original below)

'Why does your sword so drip with blood,
Edward, Edward?
Why does your sword so drip with blood?
And why so sad are ye, O?'
'O, I have killed my hawk so good,
Mother, mother:
O I have killed my hawk so good:
And I had no more but he, O.'

'Your hawk's blood was never so red,
Edward, Edward:
Your hawk’s blood was never so red,
My dear son I tell thee, O.'
'O, I have killed my red-roan steed,
Mother, mother:
O, I have killed my red-roan steed,
That once was so fair and free, O.'

'Your steed was ...

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Beowulf (Episode 25)

"UNDER harness his heart then is hit indeed
by sharpest shafts; and no shelter avails
from foul behest of the hellish fiend.
Him seems too little what long he possessed.
Greedy and grim, no golden rings
he gives for his pride; the promised future
forgets he and spurns, with all God has sent him,
Wonder-Wielder, of wealth and fame.
Yet in the end it ever comes

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