Bai Juyi

(772–846 / Taiyuan, Shanxi)

Bai Juyi Poems

41. The Bloom Is Not A Bloom 8/9/2012
42. On His Baldness 8/9/2012
43. Drunk Again 3/21/2012
44. Watching The Reapers 8/9/2012
45. The Cranes 8/9/2012
46. Escorting Candidates To The Examination Hall 8/9/2012
47. After Passing The Examination 8/9/2012
48. The Almond Blossoms Of Chao Village 3/21/2012
49. On Being Stricken With Paralysis 3/21/2012
50. Lazy Man's Song 3/21/2012
51. Rain At Night 3/21/2012
52. Spring Visit 3/21/2012
53. Remembering Golden Bells 3/21/2012
54. Hearing The Early Oriole 8/9/2012
55. Rain On Autumn Night 3/21/2012
56. The North Window: Bamboo And Rock 3/21/2012
57. Grass 8/9/2012
58. A Visit To Qiantang Lake In Spring 8/9/2012
59. Spring Sleep 8/9/2012
60. The Dwarves Of Tao-Chou 3/21/2012
61. At The End Of Spring 8/9/2012
62. The Dragon Of The Black Pool 3/21/2012
63. A Lament For My Son, Ts'Ui 3/21/2012
64. Golden Bells 3/21/2012
65. To My Brothers & Sisters Adrift In Troubled Times This Poem Of The Moon. 1/1/2004
66. Fishing In The Wei River 8/9/2012
67. Enjoying Pine And Bamboo 3/21/2012
68. Night On The West River 3/21/2012
69. Feelings On Watching The Moon 8/9/2012
70. After Lunch 3/21/2012
71. Flower No Flower 3/21/2012
72. A Foresaken Garden 3/21/2012
73. Eating Bamboo Shoots 3/21/2012
74. After Collecting The Autumn Taxes 8/9/2012
75. A Suggestion To My Friend, Liu. 1/1/2004
76. Autumn Thoughts, Sent Far Away 3/21/2012
77. Grasses 1/1/2004
78. A Song Of The Palace. 1/1/2004
79. Song Of The Guitar. 1/1/2004
80. Song Of Unending Sorrow. 1/1/2004

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Best Poem of Bai Juyi

Song Of Unending Sorrow.

China's Emperor, craving beauty that might shake an empire,
Was on the throne for many years, searching, never finding,
Till a little child of the Yang clan, hardly even grown,
Bred in an inner chamber, with no one knowing her,
But with graces granted by heaven and not to be concealed,
At last one day was chosen for the imperial household.
If she but turned her head and smiled, there were cast a hundred spells,
And the powder and paint of the Six Palaces faded into nothing.
...It was early spring. They bathed her in the FlowerPure Pool,
Which warmed and ...

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Boundless grasses over the plain
Come and go with every season;
Wildfire never quite consumes them --
They are tall once more in the spring wind.
Sweet they press on the old high- road
And reach the crumbling city-gate....
O Prince of Friends, you are gone again....
I hear them sighing after you.

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