Bijay Kant Dubey Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday To You Not, Happy New Year To You!

Happy birthday to you not, happy new year,
Happy new year to you,
The best wishes of the year,
May the year bring happiness and good news to you,

O Time, stop you
Going on the horse-back
Rein you in the horse

On Your Birthday, How Many Birds Did You Make Them Fly Away?

On your birthday, how many birds,
Did you make them fly away
On your birthday,
As haven't you heard the song,

Bapuji ke tin bandar,
Bura mat dekho, bura mat kaho,bura mat suno,
Kucch kaha aapnei,
Kuccha suna aapnei?

The Roses That You Sent On My Birthday

The roses that you sent on my birthday
I received them,
Received them
On the Facebook,

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