Robert Burns Birthday Poems

Sonnet On The Author's Birthday

SING on, sweet thrush, upon the leafless bough,
Sing on, sweet bird, I listen to thy strain,
See aged Winter, 'mid his surly reign,
At thy blythe carol, clears his furrowed brow.

Birthday Ode For 31st December, 1787

AFAR 1 the illustrious Exile roams,
Whom kingdoms on this day should hail;
An inmate in the casual shed,
On transient pity's bounty fed,

Impromptu On Mrs. Riddell's Birthday

OLD Winter, with his frosty beard,
Thus once to Jove his prayer preferred:
"What have I done of all the year,
To bear this hated doom severe?

Ode For General Washington's Birthday

NO Spartan tube, no Attic shell,
No lyre ├ćolian I awake;
'Tis liberty's bold note I swell,
Thy harp, Columbia, let me take!

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