Bijay Kant Dubey Cat Poems

The Black Cat

The black cat, the black cat jumping over the mud-built thorp house,
As black as the night, deep and dark night,
Representing the dark side of the Creation,
What it is dark will remain so,

The Black Cat, The Black Night And The Black Hamlet

The black cat,
The black night
And the black hamlet

The Black Cat Crossing The Way

The black cat
Crossing the way
And vanishing
In the dark

The fishing cat
of the marshland
peculiarly wild and swift
and tameless

The black cow,
The black dog,
The black cat,
It is a beauty,

The Wild Cat

The glare of the eyes
Itself hinted it
It was

The Black Cat, The Black Cat

The black cat
With the burning, burning
And glowing eyes

The Fishing Cat

It was a beauty
To see the fishing cat
By the pond-side
Of the marshland,

The Black, Black Cat

The black cat jumping from the second floor
Of the mud-built countryside home
With the burning-burning eyes
In the dark and desolate country

The Black Cat-Ii

The black cat
Jumping from the mud house
Of the hamlet home
With the burning-burning eyes,

The Black Cat With The Burning Eyes Jumping From

The black cat with the burning eyes jumping from
The dark second floor of the hamlet home
And vanishing in the dark.

The Black Cat Jumping From

The black cat
Jumping fromn the second storey of the mud-house
In the dark and lonely hamlet during the dark night-time

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