Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Childhood Poems


I was unable to read and understand
What were papa up to and his stand?
When he will be angry or loose temper?
When he will embrace me or pamper?

Childhood In Open

Childhood in open

Ask a person
Who has witnessed deaths without reasons?

Childhood And Young Age

Wednesday, March 4,2020
7: 45 AM

Childhood and young age

Sweet Childhood Days

Sweet childhood days
Saturday,22nd September 2018

The childhood days are memorable

Childhood Experience

Good childhood

Spent in neighborhood

Since Childhood

Since childhood the habit is developed forever
As the school observed strict rules for prayer
Entire students used to gather in prayer’s hall
Sing and make with once voice simple call

Childhood Friend

I saw childhood friend named as Ibhrahim
Very pious, devoted and near replica of Him
True Momin(follower of truth) and servant of poor
He will welcome, provide the service but never show door

My Childhood

My childhood

Really special
And can treat it as unusual

A Friend From Childhood-Eid Mubarak

Friday, May 14,2021
11: 21 AM

From Childhood

From childhood till this day it is the same
I have all the reasons to believe and blame
The opportunities with delayed action came
So many times I had to cut sorry figure with shame

Lost In Childhood

Man doesn’t stop acting like child
Basically an animal but at heart very mild
Get all the excitations when see a small kid
Start feelings of an infant and try to lead