Christian Milne Poems

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The Wounded Soldier


WHILE tyrants sit enthron'd in state,
With trophies at their feet,

The Shipwreck

See! Round yon rock the bellowing waves
In quick succession spread!
Their dashing spray the summit laves;
While Anna , wretched maid!

The Inconstant Lover

O! DAMON ! how much thou art chang'd--
How cold that false bosom of thine;
Since late, on Dee's banks as we rang'd,

The Parting

DEAR partner of my soul, adieu!
I go! and see, the ship's in view--
The streamers flutt'ring play,
The hardy crew unbend each sail,

Written In September, 1804

BROWN Autumn's come, dispersing leaves
On all the winds--and nodding sheaves
She brings, with reapers in her train,

Written On My Little Girl’s

PREFER this Book to idle toys,
Or romps with naughty girls and boys--
Let Learning be thy chief delight,

Written When My Husband Was At Sea

How joyless I sit,
While for nothing I'm fit,
A part from the kindest of men!
When my babes lie asleep,

To My Husband, On The Return Of Our Wedding Day

FOUR times the Sun has cross'd the Line,
Since Love and HYMEN made you mine:
Tho' we be lowly, poor, and mean,
We feel nor discontent nor spleen.

To Peace

PEACE ! with thy placid mien,
Who'st long a stranger been
To Freedom's sons on Britain's rocky shore--
O come! and with thee bring

To The Ship-Carpenters Of Footdee

MY Lads of Oak, pray why so soon
Tir'd out with doing well?
Don't drop your pikes, but persevere,
Be ardent to excel:

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