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Rookie - 215 Points [Daleen EnslinStrydom] (25-02-1967 / Springs, South Africa)

Daleen Enslinstrydom Poems

81. Happiness Is A New Tomorrow 8/27/2013
82. Happy Birthday To The Best Mom In The World 9/12/2013
83. Have You 10/16/2013
84. He Is The Owner Of A Farm 7/18/2013
85. His Creative Power 5/13/2013
86. How Different The World Would Be 10/18/2013
87. How Long 4/1/2014
88. How Long Before I Loose It All? 6/25/2013
89. I Did Not Even Know Your Name 3/5/2013
90. I Do Believe That Life Changes Us 2/26/2014
91. I Do Depend Upon Your Love 2/12/2013
92. I Do Hate My Job 8/6/2013
93. I Do Love You 8/5/2013
94. I Had Travelled 9/13/2013
95. I Have Told You Many Stories 1/23/2013
96. I Have Waited So Long 9/3/2013
97. I Miss You 12/30/2015
98. I Miss You Like Summer Rain 6/6/2014
99. I Miss You More Everyday 1/7/2016
100. I Pledge Allegiance To Your Soul 2/27/2013
101. I Pledge Allegiance To Your Soul [1] 2/27/2013
102. I Thought That It Might Be A Weed 7/22/2013
103. I Went Out To Pick Roses 5/9/2013
104. I Wish I Knew What Tomorrow Holds 2/10/2014
105. I Wonder What Did Happen To Us 1/28/2013
106. If Words Were Glass That Could Splinter And Break 6/27/2013
107. If You Leave, My Heart Goes Along 10/31/2013
108. In A House That Mourns 3/27/2013
109. In A Moment Of Prayer 7/2/2013
110. In A Silent Expectation 10/8/2013
111. In Front Of Me You Do Stand 10/3/2016
112. In Search Of Tranquillity 10/7/2013
113. In The Middle Of The Night 1/28/2014
114. Inspirational Rain 3/20/2015
115. It’s A Privileged To Love You 7/1/2013
116. Jackal In Hide 7/31/2013
117. Jewel Of My Childhood 7/25/2013
118. Just A Dreamer 3/22/2013
119. Karla’s Sleeping Place Against The Wall 11/27/2013
120. Knitting Frustration 12/11/2013
Best Poem of Daleen Enslinstrydom

Under The Shade Of The Big Old Oak Tree

Under the shade of the old oak tree Jafta sit
and his mind wanders back as he reflects on his life
while the sun sets in the west.
He is overcome with sorrow to braking point,
he knows his time is running out and that the sun
of his own life is also setting
and that there is no return.

Life was so much easier
when he was stile younger,
yesterday is gone
and it will never return.

His eyes are weary and he looks downhearted,
he does not even see his beloved grassland
and does wonder why life does have to hurt so much?
He gazes into ...

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When twilight falls
and shadows stretch like days without end
there is a place in the garden
where I come to rest

while the sun colours the sky
from blue to dove-grey,
the day draws to an end
and the sun changes to a glistening ball

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