Dante Gabriel Rossetti

(12 May 1828 – 9 April 1882 / London / England)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poems

81. During Music 4/12/2010
82. Boulogne To Amiens And Paris (3 To 11 P.M.; 3rd Class) 4/12/2010
83. Sonnet Lxv: Known In Vain 4/12/2010
84. On The Field Of Waterloo 4/12/2010
85. On The Two Bridal-Biers 4/12/2010
86. One Of Time’s Riddles 4/12/2010
87. Sonnet Xcvi: Life The Beloved 4/12/2010
88. Height In Depth 4/12/2010
89. For A Marriage Of St. Catherine By Hans Memmelinck 4/12/2010
90. William Blake 4/12/2010
91. For “the Wine Of Circle” By Edward Burne Jones 4/12/2010
92. Plighted Promise 4/12/2010
93. Memory 4/12/2010
94. Winter 4/12/2010
95. To Mary In Summer 4/12/2010
96. Bambino Fasciato 4/12/2010
97. Untimely Lost Oliver Madox Brown Born 1855; Died 1874 4/12/2010
98. For An Annunciation, Early German 4/12/2010
99. Fragments 4/12/2010
100. On Refusal Of Aid Between Nations 4/12/2010
101. Sonnet Lxiv: Ardour And Memory 4/12/2010
102. Sonnet Xx: Gracious Moonlight 4/12/2010
103. Words On The Window-Pane 4/12/2010
104. On Christina Rossetti 4/12/2010
105. For Spring By Sandro Botticelli 4/12/2010
106. Shakespear 4/12/2010
107. Sonnet Lxii: The Soul's Sphere 4/12/2010
108. Sonnet Xlii: Hope Overtaken 4/12/2010
109. Sonnet Xxxviii: The Morrow's Message 4/12/2010
110. Verses To John Tupper 4/12/2010
111. Valentine--To Lizzie Siddal 4/12/2010
112. Sonnet Xxvii: Heart's Compass 4/12/2010
113. Parted Presence 4/12/2010
114. Possession 4/12/2010
115. Sonnet Xlvi: Parted Love 4/12/2010
116. Barcarola 4/12/2010
117. Barcarola (#2) 4/12/2010
118. Sonnet Xxi: Love Sweetness 4/12/2010
119. Sonnet Xcviii: He And I 4/12/2010
120. Sonnets Xcix: C: Newborn Death 4/12/2010

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  • tsuchira ekimbo (10/3/2018 2:06:00 AM)

    what's the title of this sonnet?

    ye ladies, walking past me with piteous eyed,

    who is the lady that lies prostrate here?
    Can this be even she my heart holds dear?
    Nay, if it be so, speak, and nothing hide.

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  • Ian Fraser (11/30/2011 6:16:00 PM)

    Sort out the genuine from the glib and cliché-ridden and you will find some good poetry, but it's hard graft. Rossetti is the perfect example of a poet who had immense facility with language. Always ask to what end it is put, however...

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Best Poem of Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Young Love lies sleeping
In May-time of the year,
Among the lilies,
Lapped in the tender light:
White lambs come grazing,
White doves come building there:
And round about him
The May-bushes are white.

Soft moss the pillow
For oh, a softer cheek;
Broad leaves cast shadow
Upon the heavy eyes:
There wind and waters
Grow lulled and scarcely speak;
There twilight lingers
The longest in the skies.

Young Love lies dreaming;
But who shall tell the dream?
A perfect sunlight
On rustling forest tips;
Or perfect moonlight
Upon a ...

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The Woodspurge

The wind flapp'd loose, the wind was still,
Shaken out dead from tree and hill:
I had walk'd on at the wind's will,--
I sat now, for the wind was still.

Between my knees my forehead was,--
My lips, drawn in, said not Alas!
My hair was over in the grass,
My naked ears heard the day pass.

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