Dante Gabriel Rossetti

(12 May 1828 – 9 April 1882 / London / England)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poems

281. An Altar-Flame 4/12/2010
282. A Half-Way Pause 4/12/2010
283. Sonnet Iii: Love's Testament 4/12/2010
284. The Stream's Secret 1/3/2003
285. The Ballad Of Dead Ladies 1/3/2003
286. Sonnet Lxxviii: Body's Beauty 4/12/2010
287. Sonnet Iv: Lovesight 4/12/2010
288. Mary's Girlhood (For A Picture) 1/1/2004
289. Xix Lilent Noon 12/31/2002
290. Xcvii A Superscription 12/31/2002
291. Aspecta Medusa ( For A Drawing) 12/31/2002
292. Lxxi The Choice, I 12/31/2002
293. A Death-Parting 4/12/2010
294. At Issue 4/12/2010
295. Lxxii The Choice, Ii 12/31/2002
296. The Sonnet 1/3/2003
297. Love's Nocturn 1/1/2004
298. Xli Through Death To Love 12/31/2002
299. Xxix Heart's Heaven 12/31/2002
300. Lxvi The Heart Of The Night 12/31/2002
301. Almost Over 4/12/2010
302. Sister Helen 12/31/2002
303. A New-Year’s Burden 4/12/2010
304. The Woodspurge 12/31/2002
305. An Epitaph For Keats 4/12/2010
306. Spring 1/3/2003
307. Song And Music 1/3/2003
308. My Sister's Sleep 12/31/2002
309. Xxxvi Life-In-Love 12/31/2002
310. From The House Of Life The Sonnet 1/1/2004
311. A Match With The Moon 4/12/2010
312. Love-Lily 1/1/2004
313. Genius In Beauty 1/3/2003
314. Lost On Both Sides 1/3/2003
315. Soul's Beauty 1/3/2003
316. A Foretaste 4/12/2010
317. Love's Nocturne 1/3/2003
318. Insomnia 12/31/2002
319. Woodspurge 1/3/2003
320. Dream-Land 1/3/2003

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  • tsuchira ekimbo (10/3/2018 2:06:00 AM)

    what's the title of this sonnet?

    ye ladies, walking past me with piteous eyed,

    who is the lady that lies prostrate here?
    Can this be even she my heart holds dear?
    Nay, if it be so, speak, and nothing hide.

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  • Ian Fraser (11/30/2011 6:16:00 PM)

    Sort out the genuine from the glib and cliché-ridden and you will find some good poetry, but it's hard graft. Rossetti is the perfect example of a poet who had immense facility with language. Always ask to what end it is put, however...

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Best Poem of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A Little While

A little while a little love
The hour yet bears for thee and me
Who have not drawn the veil to see
If still our heaven be lit above.
Thou merely, at the day's last sigh,
Hast felt thy soul prolong the tone;
And I have heard the night-wind cry
And deemed its speech mine own.

A little while a little love
The scattering autumn hoards for us
Whose bower is not yet ruinous
Nor quite unleaved our songless grove.
Only across the shaken boughs
We hear the flood-tides seek the sea,
And deep in both our hearts they rouse
One wail for thee ...

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The Stream's Secret

What thing unto mine ear
Wouldst thou convey,--what secret thing,
O wandering water ever whispering?
Surely thy speech shall be of her.
Thou water, O thou whispering wanderer,
What message dost thou bring?

Say, hath not Love leaned low
This hour beside thy far well-head,

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