David McLansky

Veteran Poet - 1,564 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

401. Peace And Cafe Au Lait 11/16/2015
402. Pere & Fils 11/24/2012
403. Pj' Meets Her Old College Career Counselor: 6/15/2014
404. Pj's Answer To Her Old College Career Counselor: 5/12/2014
405. Planting Bulbs 6/2/2013
406. Poem For Eugenia Semyonova Ginzburg 6/2/2014
407. Poem In Honor Of Dr. Gerald M. Lucas 6/15/2015
408. Poem In Praise Of My Love's Second Toe 10/16/2013
409. Poem To A Fellow Poet:: Pradip Chattopadhyay) 3/22/2014
410. Poem To A Taliban Daughter 1/26/2013
411. Poem To Dale On The Block 10/3/2014
412. Poem To Elaine 12/23/2013
413. Poem To Michael's Girlfriend 3/29/2014
414. Poem To Valerie 8/18/2013
415. Poetic Mornings 4/9/2014
416. Pope Pius Xii 5/28/2013
417. Porcelin Doll 10/13/2013
418. Prayers For Kay 5/3/2013
419. Proposal To Dijuana 5/24/2014
420. Putin Kiev, Peasant Style 3/3/2014
421. Pygmalion 1/12/2014
422. Quaker Churchyard Rain 2/21/2014
423. Queen Elaine Of Canada 4/26/2013
424. Queen Gertrude 12/28/2013
425. Queen Of Empty Spaces 4/22/2014
426. Raptor Xmas 1/18/2013
427. Reflections On Theodore, Franklyn, Eleanor And Me. 9/21/2014
428. Remember Me As I Was Was 9/20/2015
429. Remember Me In Your Pain 4/23/2014
430. Remembrance Of Poems Past 5/11/2013
431. Response To Brooklyn 6/6/2014
432. Restored Poems 2/27/2014
433. Reunion 3/7/2014
434. Riff Onat The Request Of My Students While Teaching Wordsworth's..Daffodils 7/23/2013
435. Riff For Gajanan Mishra 3/1/2014
436. Riff On Sue Ann Simar's 'I Awoke In A Casket' 7/12/2013
437. Riff On A Fellow Poet's Query: What's Wrong With Some Women? 4/1/2014
438. Riff On A Jack Growden Poem 'Lament' 10/20/2013
439. Riff On A River Poet 3/26/2014
440. Riff On A Senorita's Poem 2/24/2013
Best Poem of David McLansky

in Praise Of Older Women

Give me not
Your nubile girls
Experts on the course of life,
Whose baby cheeks
Unshadowed eyes
Bespeak the fact
They've never cried.

Give to me
A love of sorrow
Whose flesh has known
Fear of tomorrow;
Whose hands have shaken
With life's knowledge
Never gained
By years of college.

Give to me
A love whose sated
Scores of lovers
Proved ill-fated,
Grateful for the touch
That brings
The revival of
Youth's fateful Spring.

Give me not
Your heart unbroken,
The n'er betrayed
By words unspoken,
Who never ...

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Pere & Fils

When I see reflected
In my son's eyes
My own soul's wit and mocking irony;
When with a secret glance
I recognize
The shared rejoicing
Of two souls that harmonize;
It takes my breath away
To be so understood;
Loving him all the more
For doubling good

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