Abdul Wahab Death Poems


Oceans of waters dancing naked to the horizon beyond the sight none along with around, only the eternal sun rays dimly reflecting towards the heavenly sky, on this mysterious mystic level, death floats, only conscious of its being, super sufficient needless nimble numb, he takes a voyage unknown infinite from a definite point, and takes pleasure inward that there is no end, it is like missing from the materials and becoming a being of anti-dialectic, an absolute free entity.

Death Is Not The End (A Haiku)

>≫≫Death- A Full Blooded Young Sage

Inside the womb of death
Secretly sits a full blooded young sage
He is alone in his own kingdom
In a posture of deep meditation

How Do I Die The Unnatural Death!

Love me or hate me
I will always be in your mind


‘’Death’’ is an unknown experience
Catches the attention of all- -
While wise prepares for it
Fool forgets - -

Death Virus

Would you believe
If I say I am a disease
And long ago I killed the sense which
Used to tell you that you are alive?

Death (Haiku)

A long string
A bat sits on
The sound of thud

Defeat Of Death

If love is a fever then everyone is ill
Suffering from time immemorial
No doctor available no cure possible
Yet deeds of love death is unable to kill

The Arrest Of A Soul By The Angel Of Death

A huge unknown tree is upon his head
To its each leaf are tagged numerous soul
He sits with unusual calm and composure
Fixing his gaze upon a smooth surface of a table

<≪≪ Death Of Incarnation

In the world of my dream
Angels say: if anyone commits crime
Won't go and burn in the fire of hell
instead that mortal will have to reborn again


One day death will come
And that I know very well
Should I fear? Tremble down
To your feet or beg to make

Birth Of Death

Birth of death
(Stream of consciousness poetry)

This is a well thinking thought

What Does Death Check?

Aging pushes you in haste
To munch memories
Sweet of what you had,
And Sour what you did not get,

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