Delmore Schwartz

(8 December 1913 - 11 July 1966 / Brooklyn / New York / United States)

Delmore Schwartz Poems

41. Now He Knows All There Is To Know. Now He Is Acquainted With The Day And Night 1/13/2003
42. A Young Child And His Pregnant Mother 1/13/2003
43. Sonnet: O City, City 1/13/2003
44. Apollo Musagete, Poetry, And The Leader Of The Muses 1/13/2003
45. This Is A Poem I Wrote At Night, Before The Dawn 1/13/2003
46. Love And Marilyn Monroe 1/13/2003
47. Occasional Poems 1/13/2003
48. Sonnet On Famous And Familiar Sonnets And Experiences 1/13/2003
49. The Spring 1/13/2003
50. By Circumstances Fed 1/13/2003
51. Concerning The Synthetic Unity Of Apperception 1/13/2003
52. From The Graveyard By The Sea 1/13/2003
53. Far Rockaway 1/13/2003
54. From: A King Of Kings, A King Among The Kings 1/13/2003
55. For The One Who Would Take Man's Life In His Hands 1/13/2003
56. In The Slight Ripple, The Mind Perceives The Heart 1/13/2003
57. Albert Einstein To Archibald Macleish 1/13/2003
58. Phoenix Lyrics 1/13/2003
59. Cambridge, Spring 1937 1/13/2003
60. For The One Who Would Not Take His Life In His Hands 1/13/2003
61. In The Naked Bed, In Plato's Cave 1/13/2003
62. The Choir And Music Of Solitude And Silence 1/13/2003
63. America, America! 1/13/2003
64. All Night, All Night 1/13/2003
65. A Dream Of Whitman Paraphrased, Recognized And Made More Vivid By Renoir 1/13/2003
66. At This Moment Of Time 1/13/2003
67. Poem (In The Morning, When It Was Raining) 1/13/2003
68. Baudelaire 4/16/2010
69. The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me 1/13/2003
70. Calmly We Walk Through This April's Day 1/13/2003

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Best Poem of Delmore Schwartz

Calmly We Walk Through This April's Day

Calmly we walk through this April's day,
Metropolitan poetry here and there,
In the park sit pauper and rentier,
The screaming children, the motor-car
Fugitive about us, running away,
Between the worker and the millionaire
Number provides all distances,
It is Nineteen Thirty-Seven now,
Many great dears are taken away,
What will become of you and me
(This is the school in which we learn...)
Besides the photo and the memory?
(...that time is the fire in which we burn.)

(This is the school in which we learn...)
What is the self amid this ...

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America, America!

I am a poet of the Hudson River and the heights above it,
the lights, the stars, and the bridges
I am also by self-appointment the laureate of the Atlantic
-of the peoples' hearts, crossing it
to new America.

I am burdened with the truck and chimera, hope,
acquired in the sweating sick-excited passage
in steerage, strange and estranged

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