Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 17,910 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

841. The Education Of The Persons With Poverty Will Not Be Appreciated! 12/19/2016
842. The Effect Of Booze On The Sexual Desire! 9/19/2016
843. The Efficient Good Man With A Winning Voice Power! 11/30/2016
844. The Enthusiasm Shall Abound Exuberantly 4/29/2015
845. The Erring Words Will Not Appear From The Mouth Of Learned People! 2/20/2017
846. The Essence Secreted In The Gums Of Her Mouth! 10/9/2014
847. The Essential Pepper And The Book Of Thirukkural Are One And The Same! 4/14/2017
848. The Esteem Of The People With Modesty Is Fine! 2/24/2014
849. The Esteem Of The Persons Is Bigger Like The Ghost Who Has Big Physique! 11/24/2015
850. The Esteemed Persons With Knowledge And Discipline! 1/23/2017
851. The Esteemed Qualities For A Human Being! 9/4/2015
852. The Extreme Feminine Beauty Cannot Be Enjoyed By The Bisexual Person! 4/8/2016
853. The Eyes Are Sharper Than The Arrow! 12/31/2015
854. The Face Will Reveal What The Mind Reflects! 5/2/2014
855. The Father Should Guide His Children By All Means! 1/31/2016
856. The Fellows Of Turpitude, With No Generosity! 12/25/2013
857. The Fertile Period The Couple Should Unite! 6/12/2014
858. The Fingernail And The Decorative Art In The Home Entrance! 4/3/2017
859. The Fingers Which Bath The Children! 9/23/2014
860. The Folk Plowmen Plough With The Oxen Yoke! 11/15/2016
861. The Foolishness Of Following Other’s Wife! 11/24/2015
862. The Fourth Mind 11/10/2011
863. The Friendship With The People Who Profess The Undesirable Illegal Business! 10/23/2015
864. The Furnace In The Boudoir Burns In Agony! 9/29/2014
865. The Girl Of Great Beauty Was Not To Be Found! 10/1/2014
866. The Girl Of Great Beauty Was Not To Be Seen! 10/1/2014
867. The Girl When Once Seen The King Lost Her Conjugal Shyness! 8/14/2014
868. The Girl Who Speaks Good Tamil With Honey-Like Language! 9/7/2014
869. The Girls Open Their Doors Routinely To Have A Glimpse Of The King! 2/26/2014
870. The Goats That Could Not Cure Their Own Paralytic Illness! 6/15/2016
871. The God Always Lies On The Lap Of The Child Who Gets Convinced! 2/7/2016
872. The God Himself Will Come Forward 10/15/2012
873. The God Prefers The Stones Thrown By The Good-Natured Devotee! 11/23/2013
874. The Goddess Of Wealth Who Sits On The Red Lotus Flower Offers! 6/15/2015
875. The Gods Who Create, Save And Destroy The Evils! 2/23/2014
876. The Good People Shall Voluntarily Help Other Persons! 11/18/2013
877. The Goodness Of Not Fetching Other's Property! 6/19/2014
878. The Grammar Of A Poem ‘venpaa’ Comparable To A Spinster! 3/14/2014
879. The Grammatical Treatise On Prosody And A Teenage Graceful Damsel! 4/4/2017
880. The Grand Children Were Telling To Someone! 2/12/2016
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Thames! Beautiful Thames!

Thames! Beautiful Thames!
Thames River arises at Gloucestershire,
flows thro' London, the capital of U.K;

Thames River is tidal in London
With a rise and fall of 7 meters,
The river is fed by more than 20 tributaries;

The Thames River which flows alongside
several other towns and cities -
Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames,
Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond -
is beautiful;

Thames River has a total length of 215 mile,
River banks on either side are beautiful,
Pavement strolling stretch on either side
is beautiful; ...

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'Super Sweet Angel Fish'

My dear grandchild
A girl of three plus, born in Reading
Lives with her sister, Madhumitha
Speaks Good British English
With good vocabulary;

She asks me frequently
What is time now?
My reply is 8 AM or 10 PM

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